"Lion Heart" Jon Tuxford: Will fight anyone at any weight

“Lion Heart” Jon Tuxford: Will fight anyone at any weight

Jon Tuxford fears no man

Photos by Lance Stein of LSS Photography

Jon Tuxford has earned his nickname of “Lion Heart” by his grit, determination, and coming into the cage with the look and vibe of a modern day viking warrior. Over the years of seeing this young man fight, he has proven that he fears no one at any time, or any weight.

Tuxford is a natural middleweight but has fought for light heavweight titles, and his last bout last Friday took place at heavyweight……..


Because it was a chance for him to compete. Plain and simple.

Tuxford moved up two weight classes just to compete on the Art Of War card against Gavin Nickel, which didn’t last long as Tuxford beat Nickel to the punch and when the bout hit the ground, Tuxford landed shots that echoed through the back of the venue. Ultimately, Nickel gave up his neck, and it was a wrap for “Lion Heart” to secure the choke.

Although, it was a quick finish for Tuxford, he had a lot to say about not only the fight, but some other names he wouldn’t mind handling business in the cage with in the future.

Tune in below as Jon “Lion Heart” Tuxford goes one on one with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist!


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