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Josee Storts plans to make ‘Skull Crushing’ first impression in Invicta FC (VIDEO)

Josee Storts discusses her upcoming flyweight fight with Helen Lucero at Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 2.

The event will take place next Friday night, Sept. 6 at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas and will air on UFC Fight Pass. Featured on the card will be the second Phoenix Series one-night tournament in the Invicta 125-pound division.

“Skull Crusher” discusses winning her pro debut in June for Walkout FC, how she had a panic attack leading into her second-round submission victory, finding the sport of MMA because of her brother, signing a six-fight deal Invicta and what that means to her, what she has learned about her opponent heading into the fight, why she’ll be keeping a close eye on the Phoenix Series tournament and much more.

In addition, the 21-year-old Starts gives her prediction on how she sees her fight with Lucero playing out next Friday night.

“I visualize all scenarios because our coaches like to make sure we’re prepared for everything that could happen, which I do,” Storts told MyMMANews.com. “Most of the time, I see me backing her up, her panicking and swinging wild, (me) shooting under, taking her down and beating the crap out of her face, and then it ending. I guess TKO is the nice way to put that.

“I love being able to showcase all of my skills, all of the time I put in. Either way, I’m excited — if it’s a quick one, or if it’s not — I’m prepared. Be excited for a show.”

Check out the full interview with Josee Storts as she prepares to face Helen Lucero at Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 2 in the video above.

Here is the full fight card as it stands currently:

Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 2 fight card:

  • Alexa Connors vs. Mariya Agapova
  • Josee Storts vs. Helen Lucero
  • Kay Hansen vs. Carolina Jimenez (flyweight tournament reserve bout)
  • Chantel Coates vs. Flore Hani (flyweight tournament reserve bout)

Phoenix Series 2 tournament participants:

  • Daiana Torquato
  • DeAnna Bennett
  • Liz Tracy
  • Maiju Suotama
  • Milana Dudieva
  • Miranda Maverick
  • Shanna Young
  • Victoria Leonardo


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