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Richard Villegas: “I feel like I’m a better fighter and that’s all you really can ask for from a good camp”

An MMA career is full of ups and downs; a big part of being able to thrive in the fight game is about how you react to the setbacks. That’s what will define you. Richard Villegas is ready to show, at Southwest Brawl 10, how he evolved following his first setback.

You’re going to be fighting back in your hometown. What are the emotions like?
“I’m really excited actually. I haven’t fought in Las Cruces, actually since about this time last year. That was my first MMA fight. So, it super super cool to go back after a whole year of training up here (Albuquerque, New Mexico), a whole year of fights, a lot of evolving, a lot of growing. So, I’m excited.”

How different do you feel from the last fight?
“I feel completely different. This last fight was a rough camp. Mentally I wasn’t where I should be coming up to a fight, but now I feel great. Physically I feel great. I’m right in the middle of my weight cut. I feel light. Mentally I feel strong. I’m ready to go.”

You had just moved up to Albuquerque. It was your first fight out of Jackson’s Acoma. Was it all too much, too soon?
“I think a little bit of everything: the move was big, I was starting a new job, new gym environment, a completely new city. I don’t know if it was too much, but everything did catch up to me eventually and so I wasn’t working at 100%.”

What has camp number two with the team been like?
“It’s been great honestly. I’ve started a vibe with a lot of the guys here. Started building relationships with everybody here. It feels like a home and I’m kind of just figuring things out. It’s a completely different ball game here, but this camp has been great. I feel like I’ve grown a lot, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I feel like I’m a better fighter and that’s all you really can ask for from a good camp.”

American Fight League presents Southwest Brawl 10 on August 31 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.

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Southwest Brawl 10, Richard Villegas

Pro Card

  • Light Heavyweight Title: Randy McCarty (6-11) vs. Roman Alcantar (6-1)
  • Welterweight: Kemoy Anderson (0-0) vs. Jalin Fuller (1-0)
  • Flyweight: Ivan Rios (0-0) vs. Richardo Ramirez (0-0)
  • Lightweight: Joseph Torrez (1-7) vs. Steve Trevino (0-0)

Amateur Prelims

  • Middleweight Title: Lamar Harris (3-0) vs. Daniel Martinez (3-1)
  • Welterweight: Travis Arellano (3-0) vs. CJ Boston (3-3)
  • Flyweight: John Calderon (1-1) vs. Daniel Fernandez (1-0)
  • Women’s Flyweight: Alexandra Castillo (0-1) vs. Teagan Ring (0-1)
  • Flyweight: Jacobo Martos (1-1) vs. Emmanuel Berumen (6-3 or 1-0)
  • Featherweight: Randy Ramos (2-1) vs. Alex Cardenas (2-1)
  • Lightweight: James Pleasant vs. Francisco Montano
  • Featherweight: Richard Jennings (3-3) vs. Swagath Pillai (5-2)
  • 120 Catchweight: David Hudson (0-1) vs. Richard Villegas (1-1)
  • Heavyweight: Ricky Rardin (0-0) vs. Pedro Ingram (0-0)
  • Lightweight: Jeremy Alba (4-2) vs. Mario Marquez (0-3)
  • 190 Catchweight: Miguel Tovar (0-0) vs. David Rollins (0-0)

*Records came from the promotion & card subject to change

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