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Josh Altum: “I’ve never had it easy”

On June 8, Texas City native, Josh Altum will travel to enemy territory for a main event battle with Jess Martinez at Southwest MMA Sereis XXVIII.  Altum can best be described as a wild child who found love in combat sports.

Through highs and lows why did you stick with combat sports?

“As a kid, you know fighting it’s something I’ve always done. You know, I grew up rough. Me and my childhood friends, some of them ain’t here no more. Some of them doing other things, but that’s just what we grew up doing. It’s something I’ve always loved to do. I know I loved it because when I first started training. When I got into an actual gym. Sparring and training with people who been training and fighting. I took plenty of ass whooping. I took plenty of beating in the gym and I still came back every day. Now I’m beating them up, you know what I mean. It’s been a hard journey. I’ve never had it easy. So, me staying getting through everything I’ve already been through. I think it just shows now with my skills and everything that I bring to the table. I’m sure it’s all been worth it.”

You have two wins by submission. Is this going to be a battle like your last fight?

“On video my style, it looks like I’m just a ground guy and I’m a scrambler. It’s crazy the fights have just been like that. My last fight I had severe injury. It’s crazy I even still fought. My style, honestly, I can do it all. I know a lot of people say things like that, but I’m one of the few that truly can. You know, I can box, I can kick box, I can grapple, I can wrestle you, I can use Judo, I have a karate base. I practice everything all the time. I’m one of the few guys to cover every area of the game and I pride myself on that. I don’t ever want to get in there and not be prepared for a certain area. I’m always in shape. Working on my strength and conditioning all the time. I’m one of those few guys early in my career that can truly do it all.”

Southwest MMA Series

Current line up for  Southwest MMA Series 28

  • Jess Martinez vs. Josh Altum
  • Frank Baca vs. TBD
  • Rakim Thorpe vs. Jeremy Alba
  • Aaron Reese vs. Andre Mitchell
  • Mario Moore vs. Billy Ray Valdez
  • Keith Dawson vs. CJ Boston
  • Korey Windham vs. Dylan Locke
  • Derrick Pringle vs. Jacobo Martos
  • Luis Rivera Santiago vs. Shane Jackson
  • Ty Miller vs. TBD


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