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KASAI PRO 2 Results Live From Brooklyn Event Results MMA News 

KASAI PRO 2 Results Live From Brooklyn

On April 14 KASAI PRO returns to the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. MyMMANews will have complete live KASAI PRO 2 results when the event kicks off on Saturday.

The first event, this past December was a big hit and the second one looks just as promising. The Brooklyn based organization is bringing another stacked undercard, along with a very talented 8 man round robin tournament for the KASAI PRO middleweight championship. In addition to the undercard and round robin tournament. there will be 3 very highly anticipated superfights. Doors open at 6 pm for the KASAI PRO 2 at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, 73 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Legal Techniques:
• Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the windpipe).
• Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock.
• Any leg lock or ankle lock.
• Slamming can be used only in order to prevent a submission. Otherwise is considered as illegal.



Main Event Superfight 1 160lbs:

Renato Canuto vs. Eddie Cummings

Initial 10-minute submission-only bout, additional 5-minute overtime period under KASAI tournament rules.

EddieCummings winner by points.

Superfight 2, 140lbs:

Geo Martinez vs. Nicky Ryan

20-minute submission-only bout with judges’ decision if required.

Nicky Ryan winner by decision.

Superfight 3, 155lbs:

Marcos Galvão vs. AJ Agazarm

Initial 10-minute submission-only bout, additional 5-minute overtime period under KASAI tournament rules.

AJ Agazarm winner by heel hook.

KASAI Pro 2 Eight-Man, Round-Robin Tournament for the KASAI World Middleweight Championship:



Craig Jones (Group A)

Pierre-Olivier Leclerc (Group B)

Richie Martinez (Group B)

Matheus Diniz (Group B)

Dante Leon (Group A)

Nick Calvanese (Group A)

Michael Perez (Group A)

Felipe Mota (Group B).


Nick Calvanese vs. Craig Jones. Winner by triangle: Craig Jones.

Mike Perez vs. Dante Leon. Winner by heel hook: Mike Perez.

Matheus Diniz vs. Richie Martinez. Winner by points. Matheus Diniz.

Felipe Mota vs. Pierre-Olivier Leclerc. Winner by points: Felipe Mota.


Nick Calvanese vs. Mike Perez. Winner by points: Nick Calavanese.

Craig Jones vs. Dante Leon. Winner by points: Craig Jones.

Felipe Mota vs. Matheus Diniz. Winner by points: Matheus Diniz.


Nick Calavanese vs. Dante Leon. Winner by rear naked choke Dante Leon.

Craig Jones vs. Mike Perez. Winner by points: Mike Perez.

FelipeMota vs. Richie Martinez. Winner by omoplata: Richie Martinez.

Matheus Diniz vs. Pierre-Olivier Leclerc. Winner by darce. Matheus Diniz.

3rd Place:

Craig Jones vs. Richie Martinez. Winner by heel hook: Craig Jones.

1st Place:

Matheus Diniz vs. Mike Perez. Winner by points and KASAI PRO 2 Middleweight Champion: Matheus Diniz.


KASAI PRO 2 Undercard:

Alex Oliveira (A-Force) vs. Thiago Britto (G13 BJJ) Gi, 150lbs. Alex Oliveira winner by points.

Chris Schlesinger (Soca BJJ) vs. Steven Kasten (10th Planet LI) No-Gi, 180lbs. Steven Kasten winner by triangle armbar.

Tony Bergamo (Mushin MMA) vs. Mikael Yahay (Absolute MMA) No-Gi, 135lbs. winner by points Mikael Yahay.

Frank Rosenthal (RGA) vs. Zach Maslany (10th Planet Bethlehem) No-Gi, 145lbs. Frank Rosenthal winner by heel hook.

Cameron Florczak (OAMA – RGA) vs. Jason Olcott (Kioto BJJ) Gi, 160lbs. Cameron Florczak winner by bow and arrow choke.

Kevin Luzardo (UNA BJJ) vs. Sergio Vilas No-Gi, 185lbs. Sergio Vilas winner by kneebar.

Andrew Solano (Kioto BJJ) vs. Caio Basso (Igor Gracie Academy) Gi, 155lbs. Caio Basso winner by points.

James Hasemann (10th Planet LI) vs. Juan Quispe (Renzo Gracie Brooklyn) No-Gi, 160lbs. Juan Quispe winner by points.

Steven Ramos (Essential BJJ) vs. Ryan Kenski (Vanguard BJJ) No-Gi, 185lbs. Steven Ramos winner by points.

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