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Maycee Barber (left), Wyatt Barber (right) - Photo by Mike "The Truth" Jackson

Keeping up with the Barbers – Maycee and Wyatt

One of the biggest sibling duo’s in mixed martial arts graced everyone with their presence this afternoon. Maycee and Wyatt Barber appeared on theScoreMMA Podcast to discuss their young careers.

Right now Maycee, who has become a star in the UFC, is still recovering from ACL surgery seven weeks ago. The good news for her is that she’s slowing making her way back to training.

Unfortunately, the timing had to come during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving both Barber’s training out of a basement.

“Im just now able to ride a bike and hit mitts,” said Maycee.

“It’s definitely different. You have to learn how to adapt and change and create your own gym.”

“We were training with each other all the time and now it’s been different, but at least now we’re back to hitting mitts and doing stuff that we do together,” Wyatt said.

The coronavirus not only affected Maycee’s comeback, but it also delayed Wyatt’s Bellator debut. Wyatt was scheduled to compete at Bellator’s May 29 card, but the event was postponed.

Wyatt, 18, signed with Bellator in February and the young prospect is hoping to follow a similar path as Bellator featherweight A.J. McKee.

“We watched what Bellator did with him,” said Wyatt. “They brought him up through and now he’s one of the biggest names in sport.”

Wyatt hasn’t been active as of late due to smaller regional promotions being unable to secure opponents for him, but now he’s excepting to be active in both the featherweight and bantamweight divisions in Bellator. While Wyatt is waiting to make his debut, Maycee is hoping to fight in the UFC as soon as she possibility can.

“My rehab is as good as it can get. I can fight potentially by the end of the year if everything goes well.”

When Maycee does return, she’s hoping to avenge her January loss to Roxanne Modafferi. The loss marked the first one of her career. In the loss, the 21-year-old wasn’t fighting at full strength as she torn her ACL during the fight.

“The fight I want back is the one with Roxanne and that’s the fight I want when I get back.Right now the only thing I’m focused on is going back and proving I can win that fight.”

In the meantime, the siblings are in the same boat as the rest of the MMA world, sitting back and waiting for sports to return to normal.

When fights do start happening, Maycee, who said she is the meaner of the two, will corner Wyatt when he makes the walk to the Bellator cage.

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