'Korean Zombie' Chan Sung Jung

‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung to complete military service next week

‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung to complete military service next week

Where has two years time gone?  Don’t ask that question to UFC featherweight fighter ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung who might have an opposed view of how the past 730 days went by.

Countdown to when the Korean Zombie is released from active military duty:

In the coming days, Jung is set to have completed two years required military service in his native country of South Korea.

'Korean Zombie' Chan Sung Jung vs Jose Aldo - UFC photo
‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung vs Jose Aldo – UFC photo

Jung was sidelined from mixed martial arts in 2014 to fulfill his mandatory military service required of South Korean male citizens.  He reported for basic training October 20, 2014.

Jung had racked up five post fight performance bonuses over six combined UFC and WEC appearances since 2010, including a ‘Submission of the Night’ bonus for his rarely-seen twister finish of Leonard Garcia. He also challenged Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title in August 2013.

The title fight with Aldo was his last appearance in professional mixed martial arts.  Jung was to fight Akira Corassani but was injured and then left for the military.

“I think this (military service) may extend my (MMA) career,” Jung told MMAFighting.com in 2014, “because it gives me some much needed time to heal I’ll have time to work on my skills without pushing myself to the limit, which is necessary when training for a fight.”

The landscape of the UFC and MMA has changed very much since Jung last competed so it will be very interesting to see how he transitions back to the sport.

'Korean Zombie' Chan Sung Jung

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