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L.J. Reboli wins Maverick MMA lightweight championship

LJ Reboli to make professional MMA debut at Maverick 9

L.J. Reboli wins Maverick MMA lightweight championship
LJ Reboli wins Maverick MMA lightweight championship

When LJ Reboli steps into the Maverick MMA cage on September 22 it will be the first time he does so as a professional mixed martial artist. Reboli will make the pro MMA leap when he takes on Mike Taylor.

Reboli went an undefeated 4-0 as an amateur and will have Gracie New Jersey teammates Kris Gratalo and Russ Korbul in the locker room alongside him as Gratalo will meet Elijah Gbollie in one of the other pro bouts of the evening. Korbul meets Jason Manning in advanced amateur rules light heavyweight bout.

“I am very excited to be fighting again,” Reboli said after coming back from a more than one year layoff.

The 23-year old fighter captured the Maverick MMA amateur lightweight title in July 2017 with a unanimous decision win over Tyler Collins at Maverick 2. Reboli won his first fight via TKO, followed by a 16-second submission victory over Branden King at XCC 23, and then a 27-second submission victory over Peter Nascimento at Dead Serious MMA 23.

“I am always working hard and always improving all aspects of my game. I’m in great shape, both physically and mentally,” Reboli said.

“I am very excited for these new rules, I felt like I was held back with the amateur rules, which didn’t let me use some of my best weapons. It is only going to make me a much more dangerous fighter now. I am prepared for any situation of the fight and am going to find a way to win no matter what.”

Maverick 9 fight card as of August 5, 2018:

John Heath vs. Shedrick Goodridge
Elijah Gbollie vs. Kris Gratalo
Mike Taylor vs. LJ Reboli
Aaron Kennedy vs. Federico Vento
Jason Manning vs. Russ Korbul

Maverick 9 will take place at the Holiday Inn Morgantown located at 6180 Morgantown Rd, Morgantown, PA 19543-9564. Check the Maverick MMA Facebook page for updates.

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