Mark Hunt vs. Derrick Lewis headlines UFC's return to Auckland, New Zealand

MUST LISTEN – Mark Hunt’s most vulgar interview ever – NO ONE is safe

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt recently joined ‘The Brains and Brawn Podcast.’ The show is roughly a week old but has not been getting much attention, however, it is likely one of Hunt’s most honest and yet vulgar interviews he has ever done.

Whether you have heard of these guys or not…… they got the job done…….  Mark Hunt like you’ve never heard him before.

Hunt talks about recent fights with Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Alistair Overeem, Josh Barnett and more.

Tune in to the 14-minute mark and beyond.


14:08 Hunt comes on the show.
15:55 asking about if he’s looking forward to fighting Derrick Lewis on June 11. Hunt states “As long as he’s not a cheater.”
16:45 gets asked about the Brock Lesnar situation
Hunt talks about not signing up “to fight a steroid monkey” and feels like he got thrown under the bus,
goes on rant about steroids and opponents that were steroid cheats
22:10 Asked about Alistair Overeem
Hunt calls him a “cocksucker cheat”
“He’s a cheat from way back”
26:40 talks about usada and being tested
30:05 asked about what’s next after Derrick Lewis
Hunt says he’s been offered Australia and Japan cards
Says hopefully (Lewis) is not another cheater like the “Pricks I’ve faced before”
32:50 Asked about “Money fights”
Thinks Georges St-Pierres stepped away because of “cheaters”
He walked away because it wasn’t fair
“I’ve been cheated many times because of these cheaters”
“They just stuck needles in their ass”
34:35 Talks Jon Jones being a cheater hiding “under the octagon”