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Massive Black Friday ebike Sale by Aboebike on the whole catalogue

It’s that time of year again that we all wait for the whole year. Yes, we’re talking about the best black Friday deals on the juiciest products like Electric ebikes and save 100s of bucks and other added benefits from the special black Friday offers. 

Similarly, this year Adoebike, a popular electric bike manufacturer again didn’t fail to surprise the customers and offered a massive Black Friday ebike sale on the all-electric bikes range. If you’re waiting to get an e-bike for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone, this is the best time t to act. You won’t find a better value for your money elsewhere, so take advantage of these amazing Black Friday deals for ebike, including fat tire electric bikes, folding electric bikes, and city commuter bikes.


Why get an ebike now? 

The energy crisis has severely hit the economy, resulting in rising fuel prices worldwide, but it has impacted the UK and Europe more than other places. Most countries are now fighting inflation, and the government has been increasing fuel prices over time, which is why people have started switching to electric bikes for daily commutes and leisure riding. 

There has been a significant increase in the electric bikes demand. Many people are even facing delays in the deliveries of e-bikes from companies due to high customer demand. However, on the other hand, Adoebike is offering 48 hours of free delivery with VIP lifetime customer service in addition to a massive discount on all the products.  

With the increasing demand for electric bikes, companies have introduced advanced features and different categories of e-bikes so a person can choose the best e-bike according to their requirements. For instance, the Black Friday ebike sale includes the folding e-bike for best portability, fat tire e-bike for adventure, and commuter bikes for daily work travel in the city. 


What are the best Black Friday deals for ebike?

A wide range of bikes is available on the ADO electric bike Black Friday sale. However, to help you pick the right electric bike per your needs and get the best deals in your budget, we’ve categorised bikes from low to mid-price ranges that you can directly buy from the ADO’s website. 


#1: ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike  

Price: €669.00


Folding electric bikes have been gaining popularity recently for their portability and easy-to-carry design. The ado folding electric bike has a sleek tri-fold design that can be folded/unfolded in just 10 seconds, making it a convenient choice for commuting or storage.


This portable electric bike has an aluminium frame and modern design that gives a very premium look to the cycle. So, while riding this bike, you will surely be catching the eyes of the street. 


#2: ADO 26+ City Commuter Electric Bike 

Price: €769.00


Ado A26+ is the perfect electric bike for anyone who loves traditional bicycle designs but wants to enjoy the features of an electric bike. With the black Friday ebike sale, you can save €330 and benefit from free shipping worldwide.


This bike is great for daily city commutes between the workplace and home as it has a long assisting range of 100km on a single charge. The powerful 500W motor won’t let you feel under power during the rides, whether you’re skipping the traffic on the main road or riding through a busy street. 


#3: ADO A20F+ Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike 

Price: €949.00


For those who live for adventure and enjoy riding across hilly terrain, a fat tire mountain electric bike is the better option. Fat tire bikes are more powerful and comfortable, meaning you can go handle all types of terrain for longer without tiring yourself out.


The folding design and 20-inch fat tyres make an excellent combination and give ADO A20F+ a muscle bike look. This portable mountain electric bike consists of a 250W power motor and a long-lasting battery that provide up to 80km long assisting range on a single charge. 


#4: ADO A20+ Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

Price: €769.00


If you’re looking for a hybrid portable electric bike without breaking the bank, then the ADO A20+ can be a great pick for you from the Black Friday ebike sale. It consists of all the main features that ADO offer in the other electric bike categories. However, its ultralight foldable aluminium frame and 20-inch anti-slip lightweight tires make this bike very easy to handle.  


#5: ADO A20F XE Fat Tyre Mountain Electric Bike 

Price: €1469.00


The ADO A20F XE Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike is a powerful fat tyre folding electric bike with massive 350W powerful motor and fat tyres for a powerful riding experience. You can save a good amount of money on this bike with the Black Friday deals for ebike. It’s the newest addition to the ADO family and is a great choice for anyone who needs a comfortable, powerful ride.




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