Matt Mitrione, Bellator 225

Bellator 225 Media Day

Matt Mitrione stays positive despite losing-skid “I compete at all costs”

Coming into his fight against Tim Johnson at Bellator 243, you’d never know that Matt Mitrione was riding a three-fight losing streak. Mitrione who is a long-time veteran across multiple promotions has not picked up a win since February of 2018, but is always down to fight and nothing has changed ahead of his fight this weekend.

Speaking to the media at Bellator 243, Mitrione spoke about why he remains optimistic despite the current skid, and how happy he is to be back inside the Bellator cage, with some added humor.

“I haven’t won a fight since I beat The Vagrant however many years ago, so I am really looking forward to getting back in there and doing work and getting my hand raised again. Cause honestly, that really helps me feel better about myself.”

Always willing to pick up a phone call from Bellator and fight whoever they send his way, Mitrione said that because he’s always down and ready to fight, he can’t pay attention to what has happened in the past.

“I’m game, I’m down for the cause. I’ve always been down for the cause. I get texts from Chael [Sonnen] all the time being like ‘Man we’re one of the two cut from the same cloth’ and you’re damn right I am, brother. I say yes, I compete at all costs, I may win, I may lose, but I’m going to go out there bust my butt and give the best show I can. If you like me, cool, let’s go get weird. If you don’t like me, I don’t really care that much to be totally honest. I think that’s why I don’t get dejected, if I get a job, cool let’s go make some money and let’s go put on a show. If you don’t get a job, well what the hell, at least I tried.”

No matter who the opponent is or the circumstances, Matt Mitrione is ready to take any and all opportunities that Bellator sends him, and that continues this weekend when he faces Johnson.

Mitrione, who is also a former professional football player did say that he has seen the success of sports like MMA who have implemented a bubble standard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and believes a bubble should be in place to ensure the safety of all players from the 32 professional teams.

The Bellator 243 main card takes place at 10:00pm EST and will be simulcasted on DAZN and Paramount Network.

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