Maverick 8 results

Maverick 8 results – Eric Roncoroni vs Solomon Renfro

Maverick MMA will hold Maverick 8 at the Econo Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Saturday, June 23.

Dakota Ferrone, Maverick MMA
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Two professional title bouts were to headline the card as Patrick Rivera and Vadim Ogar were to duke it out for the organization’s lightweight title which was vacated by former champ Troy Wittman.

The fight which was the night’s main event was cancelled after Ogar failed to make weight.

The evening’s co-main event, a middleweight title match between former Ring of Combat middleweight champion Eric Roncoroni and Solomon Renfro was bumped up to the main event.  This fight is for the Maverick MMA middleweight belt which was vacated by former champion Joey Angelo.

An advanced amateur flyweight title bout now serves as the night’s co-main event.  Defending champion David Juliano will meet rising star Charles Wallace.

Two other amateur bouts were dropped from the card yesterday as Francie Coleman never showed up for weigh-ins against John Mabrey who actually put on weight to take the fight at heavyweight.

Also, Ibrahim Kallie missed weight for his bout with Zac Miller so that fight too was cancelled.

Natalie Schlesinger of Driven Gym and Marissa Jean of Pure MMA kicked off the night in the amateur division.  These two ladies came out guns blazing.  Never was there an attempt to take the fight to the ground.  These two swung from bell to bell, amazing exchange of strikes.  Hopefully these women are setting the pace for the night. Schlesinger and Jean found in the clinch for the majority of the second round until a knee by Jean broke them free.  Jean lands a takedown and applies a guillotine.  The round ends with them up against the cage and Schlesinger still caught in a standing guillotine.  Jeans lands a takedown in the opening seconds of the third round.  They get back to the feet and strike.  She goes in for another takedown but gets caught in a guillotine.  Able to work free, Jean now presses Schlesinger up against the cage and is looking for another takedown as the Driven Gym prospect throws shots to the face.  This fights goes to the judges. Schlesinger wins unanimously.

Shawn Steffanelli and Luis Rodriguez fought at a catchweight of 160 pounds in the second fight of the night.  No glove touch on this one.  The fight goes down to the mat early with a Steffanelli takedown.  He remains on top working for submissions to the arm before working his way to the back to close out the round.  Rodriguez lands a big kick to open the second round, knocking Steffanelli down.  When Steffanelli stands back up, Rodriguez jumps to guillotine, taking the fight back down.  Rodriguez can’t hold on to it and Steffanelli gets back on top where controls the pace for the rest of the round as he maintains position.  Not a ton of action in the third as Steffanelli has Rodriguez pressed up against the cage.  Then he works Rodriguez down to the mat with a fireman’s carry and lands in a dominant side control.  The time expires just as Steffanelli takes the back of his opponent.  He wins unanimously.

Elise Reed and Stephanie Irizarry touch gloves and immediately exchange leather.  Moments later they are the ground and after Irizarry makes a wrong move she gives up position to her opponent.  Reed is working from the back and then Irizarry flips and Reed is in a mount and looks to work an armbar but Irizarry gets out of the way and works for a submission of her own before time expires.  Reed is throwing bombs in the second.  Irizarry must have a steel chin because she is not going down.  Once the fight does finally work its way down to floor Irizarry begins working on a leg submission as Reed throws down punches.  The third round again sees these two landing shots early.  Irizarry climbs atop Reed’s back and works for a rear-naked choke before the two fighters fall to the canvas.  Irizarry continues to work the choke before Reed escape.  The fight ends with Irizarry applying an armbar as the final bell tolls. Reed wins on all scorecards.

Jason Manning and Gordon Wigington tested each other out in the light heavyweight division.  Wigington took this fight on just two days notice.  He connects with a knee early on.  Manning comes forward and presses his opponent against the cage.  When these two connect they are doing so with bad intentions.  Manning throws a big shot and transitions to his next position as he connects.  Wigington squinting out of his left eye.  Manning working an armlock while standing up against the cage.  Wigington breaks free and begins to land body shots to his opponent.  They break free and exchange shots in the center of the cage.  The round ends with Manning throwing a kick that misses and Wigington backing up against the cage wall.  The third is all Manning.  He’s working the kimura from the ground and when that doesn’t work and the ground and pound becomes available that is where he turns. Wigington is taking heavy shots, gives up his back and Manning locks up the rear naked but time runs out.  Wigington wins unanimously.

And Still!!!!

DO NOT BLINK!!!!!  David Juliano and Charles Wallace are FAST! Heavy quick hands from both these fighters.  Juliano begins trash talking as Wallace connects.  Juliano is able to get the wrestling coach down and begins the ground and pound before sinking in the rear naked choke.  Wallace is saved by the bell.  Wallace, not happy how the first round ended, lands a big take down at the start of the second.  Juliano locks in a triangle choke before transitioning to an armbar.  Juliano scrambles and gets the back of Wallace and begins throwing down punches.  The third round begins and Juliano seems confident and fluid with his movements.  He’s connecting and leaving to find a new position.  Wallace connects.  Juliano acknowledges.  Juliano lands a shot, Wallace drops down, possibly to shoot in.  Juliano capitalizes, takes his back, lands vicious ground and pound before finishing Wallace with a rear-naked choke.  Juliano retains.  He then got on the microphone and thanked all Wallace’s fans who were mean to him on the internet.

Main Event – And New!!!!

Eric Roncoroni and Solomon Renfro collided in the main event for the right to claim the Maverick MMA middleweight strap.  Renfro stares through the sole of Roncoroni as his name is announced.  The bell tolls and Roncoroni throws several kicks that connect.  Solomon shoots in and backs Roncoroni up against the cage, takes him down, but Ronc works his way back up.  Eric elbowing Solomon’s arm as Solomon throws knees to Ronc’s thighs.  Renfro takes Roncoroni back down.  Solomon peppering the body with shots as Roncoroni is attempting submissions, staying active off his back.  Roncoroni sneaks in a foot and opens Renfro’s guard up.  Renfro is able to maintain a dominant position for the rest of the round but not really do any significant damage.  He will likely win the round but Roncoroni did everything right to defend.  Renfro lands a big shot to open up the second round and gets a takedown.  Roncoroni throwing elbows shots to the head of Renfro off the bottom.  Everytime Ronc tries to stand and break free Renfro smothers him back down.  They finally get to their feet in the final seconds of the second round.  Some blood is visible over the left eye of Renfro but nothing significant.  Roncoroni’s back is covered with redness from being pressed against the cage.  Third and final round starts.  They touch gloves.  Ronc lands a big head kick.  He throws in a few superman punches and kicks before Solomon had enough and bull rushes Roncoroni up against the cage and slams him down.  Renfro is making Roncoroni work to get up and not giving him a chance to breathe.  Renfro wins the belt unanimously.

Complete Maverick 8 results below:

Solomon Renfro defeated Eric Roncoroni via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) for vacant middleweight title

David Juliano defeated Charles Wallace via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3, 2:08 to retain advanced amateur flyweight title

Gordon Wigington defeated Jason Manning via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Elise Reed defeated Stephanie Irizarry via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Shawn Steffanelli defeated Luis Rodriguez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Natalie Schlesinger defeated Marissa Jean via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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