Maverick MMA 5 Results - Haas vs. Heckman 3

Maverick MMA 5 Results – Haas vs. Heckman 3

Maverick MMA 5 takes place at the Econo Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania, February 17.  In the main event, featherweight champion Scott “The Animal” Heckman defends his title against the returning Jay Haas.  Haas, who has not competed since 2015, has already recorded two fights with Heckman, each getting a check in the win column.  This third and final fight between the two will determine who takes home the Maverick MMA 145-pound belt.

Heckman (25-8) rides a five-fight win streak coming into the contest and will be defending his belt for a third time when he steps into the cage on Saturday night.  Haas (15-16) told MyMMANews earlier this week that win or lose, he plans to enlist in the U.S. Army because he wants to do the right thing and serve his country honorably.

Fight fans braved the snow to get to Allentown tonight and despite the bad weather and last minute fight cancellations, a decent-sized crowd packed the Econo Lodge for Maverick MMA 5.

The first fight of the night featured Gracie New Jersey’s Russ Korbul meeting Philadelphia Elite MMA’s Aaron Nobles in the Maverick MMA cage. The fight started with an immediate takedown from Korbul.  From there Nobles did not have an answer for the dominant position of the David Adiv student.  The round ended with Korbul landed down brutal strikes to the body.  The second frame opened with Nobles connection with a shot but Korbul lands an ankle pick takedown and finishes the fight with a north-south choke.

The taller, lengthier Tommy Majeski was having trouble finding an opening on his opponent Justin Montalvo in the first round of their scheduled three round amateur affair.  Majeski was using his legs for push kicks and lower body chops but Montalvo was the one finding success with his hands, landing multiple combos to the head and body.  A cut opened over the right eye of Majeski in an exchange in the second round.  Montalvo still finding a home for his hands until he slips and falls towards the end of the round.  Majeski swarms in with a kick but Montalvo takes him down to the end the second round.  A push kick from Majeski is caught and followed up with a big right hand from Montalvo.  Majeski, frustrated, let’s out a few curse words.  The two men get pressed up against the cage with Montalvo working for a takedown and maintaining control.  This fight looks to be a unanimous decision in favor of Montalvo.

Not much action in the openimg round of Xavier Marrero vs. Charlie Wallace.  Wallace landed a takedown early but did not find an opportunity to do much more than pepper the body with a few shots.  The second round opens with Wallace missing with a big looping right but getting a takedown.  When not much action is taking place, referee Keith Petersen stands them up.  Wallace lands yet another huge takedown, one that might make UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes jealous.  The third round starts with Marrero attempting a superman punch, missing, and trying to take the back of Wallace. Now on his own bavk, Marrero locks in a half guard for close to a minute.  When Wallace finally breaks free he takes full mount and lands down punches from the top before time expires.  Wallace wins a unanimous decision.

Renzo Gracie PA lightweight Kevin Stilo and Pure MMA’s Ryan Kelley had an extremely entertaining one round fight.  Each fighter had success in finding shots but it was Stilo who was landing the bigger, cleaner punches. Stilo stalked Kelley down and hit him with a big shot that resulted in Kelley running across cage to gather composure. Stilo hunted him down and hit him with another shot as the round closed.  Kelley complaining of an eye injury and the ringside physician calls an end to the contest with Stilo getting the win.

Anastasia Bruce and Stephanie Irizarry had an intensive opening round mainly contested on the feet and in the thai clinch before the fight went to the ground in the final seconds.  Irizarry ended the round on top with bidy punches.  The second round finds Irizarry getting another takedown and working from a dominant too position.  She works in some heavy hands to the body but not yet enough to the end the fight.  Irizarry gets a third and final takedown in the final round, pummels the body from mount, and when Bruce gives up her back, the MPR Endurance student, Irizarry locks in a rear-naked choke in final seconds to force the tap.

Heckman retains

In the main event, the challenger Jay Haas opens the title fight with leg kicks to the champ, Scott Heckman.  Heckman shoots in for a takedown but doesn’t quite finish.  He goes for a second, picks Haas up for the slam, but Haas lands on his feet.  The two separate and Haas throws a kick that hits the champ in the groin.  The action is temporarily halted.  When resumed the men fight up against the cage.  Heckman grabs hold of the neck for a choke and releases.  The champ picks Haas up and finally gets the slam.  Haas works back to the feet and Heckman gets another takedown.  Haas fighting from the bottom, landing nice clean shots to the champ’s head and body from bottom.  The second round opens with Heckman getting a takedown.  He immediately works for a choke.  Haas is scrambling and will not tap, he’s moving from position to position.  It looks like he might survive and then seconds later the fight is over.  Heckman forces the tap and retains.

Complete Maverick MMA 5 Results below:

Scott Heckman defeated Jay Haas via submission (D’Arce Choke) – Round 2, 0:59 for Maverick MMA featherweight title

Stephanie Irizarry defeated Anastasia Bruce via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3, 1:57

Kevin Stilo defeated Ryan Kelley via TKO – Round 1, 2:00

Charlie Wallace defeated Xavier Marrero via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Justin Montalvo defeated Tommy Majeski via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Russ Korbul defeated Aaron Nobles via submission (north-south choke) – Round 2, 1:09

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