Maverick MMA 6 results - Matt Hamill vs Chris Birchler

Maverick MMA 6 results – Matt Hamill vs Chris Birchler

Maverick MMA 6 will be held at the Econo Lodge in Allentown, Pennsylvania, April 13.  28 competitors hit the scales yesterday with all 14 fights getting the green light from the State’s Athletic Commission.  Unfortunately the night’s first preliminary bout fell off the card.  Big Dan Miragliotta served as the night’s refereeing official.

Former UFC light heavyweight fighter Matt Hamill, 41, was cleared to fight after the organization tried to put him on a previous card but the fight had fallen through due to the state’s requirement for more medical testing due to the fighter’s age.  Hamill met Chris Birchler in the Maverick MMA 6 main event.

In the evening’s co-main event, Pennsylvania’s Malek Mahmoud took on Canada’s Vladimir Kazbekov in a pro bantamweight bout. Also, Jerome Mickle squares up against Bassil Hafez.

Byers by Decision

Joseph Byers and Victor Alpizar kicked off the Maverick MMA 6 card in Allentown.  Byers lands a big take down right off the bat.  Byers lets Alpizar back up and now it is Alpizar who goes in for a takedown by misses.  They get back up to the feet and Byers lands a superman punch.  Alpizar moves in and secures a standing guillotine.  They get down to the ground and the round ends with Alpizar on top in a mount position.  Round two starts and Alpizar has Byers pressed up against the cage.  Maverick MMA featherweight champion Scott Heckman is in the corner of Alpizar shouting instructions.  The two are exchanging knees and body shots in the clinch.  The round ends with Alpizar falling on Byers’ back.  Third round ends with Alpizar connecting right out the gate.  They exchanged hands.  The fight goes to the ground and Byers is working for a front guillotine but Alpizar escapes.  The round ends with Byers landing a flurry of punches from the back and then trying to take a rear-naked choke.   This one goes to the judges.  Byers wins by split decision.

Kallie Comes on Strong

Ibrahim Kallie and Joseph Cole came out swinging.  This is a wild one.  Kallie is all over Cole early on, Cole stumbles but survives.  Cole tosses Kallie to the canvas and lands in a side position.  Kallie opens the second round with a kick to the body but slips in the process.  He follows it up a low leg kick that echoes throughout the ballroom.  Just when you think another pop can’t come, Kallie throws a liver shot that thuds just as loud.  Cole locks up the body and takes Kallie down to the mat.  Third round starts and the two fighters are feeling each other. Then BOOM….. Kallie lands a big right hand that sends Cole down.  It looks like he is out.  Big Dan takes a step in, Cole steps up and Kallie connects with a big left.  He goes down.  Miragliotta now pulls Kallie off of the downed fighter and Kallie is now 2-0 as an amateur.

Wallace Warned After Win

Charles Wallace if off to a great start as his fight with James Lodge immediately goes to the ground after the two trade shots out the gate.  Wallace is looking sharp as as he goes from a head and arm choke to full mount and then an armbar in a matter of 30 seconds.  We move to round two where they touch gloves and then exchange leg kicks.  Wallace gets a takedown and lands in a side position. He works for a choke but is unsuccessful.  We now head to the third and final round.  Lodge is getting frustrated as Wallace will not engage with him.  Wallace shoots in, gets full mount and starts enticing the crowd to cheer him on.  They do.  Now Wallace taunting Lodge. The round and fight ends with Wallace on top.  PA State Athletic Director Greg Sirb enters the cage and has a talk with Wallace, scolding him for his actions.  Wallace wins unanimously.

Armbar for Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson gets Noel Irizarry down and asks referee Dan Miragliotta “Can I punch to the head?”  Miragliotta laugh and says “NO!!!”   Not much damage done in the round.  Johnson lands another take down in round two.  He is the much bigger and stronger fighter, locks up the arm.  Irizarry tries to push Johnson off with a leg push, but Johnson sits back and cranks on the arm.  Irizarry taps and Johnson is the victor.

Rizco Rises

Luis Rodriguez of Rat Pack Fighting Systems met Ryan Rizco out of Team Renzo Gracie for the Maverick Amateur lightweight title.  Rizco takes Rodriguez down and moves to side control.  Rodriguez escapes, gets to his feet and Rizco unloads a few shots.  Rodriguez presses forward and Rizco grabs a leg and pushes his opponent up against the cage.  Things seemed to be going in favor of Rodriguez at the start of round two as he had Rizco in a bad position but the Renzo Gracie fighter recomposed and was able to get the fight to the ground and control for the latter part of the final minute of the round.  Rizco’s corner tells him in between rounds that he needs to win this round.  Rizco letting is hands go to start the final frame.  Rizco is teeing off. Rodriguez comes back with one but Rizco shrugs it off.  Rizco connects again and then takes his opponent down. Rizco landing some punishment to the body, finishes fight strong.  Should win on the scorecards.

Juliano Justifies Title Reign With TKO Win

Jovany Alvarez and David Juliano was a fast paced scrap that was extremely entertaining to watch.  Juliano is all over Alvarez.  No matter the scramble or the position they were in, Juliano found a way to throw down bombs.  Not only is he an entertaining personality outside the cage, the man can put on a fight.  I say it every Maverick MMA card, these K-Dojo fighters are no joke.  Juliano by TKO in the first round. He retains his Maverick MMA Advanced Amateur Flyweight title.

Ginger Ninja Wins Title

Hell of a first round between Nestor Negroni and Zac Haynes.  ‘Ginger Ninja’ Haynes was all over Negroni.  From rear-naked chokes to ground and pound.  It seemed he would not let Negroni out of the first round.  Negroni staying on strong finishes the round with a deep armbar attempt.  We have a fight.  The two fighters are exchanging hands to start the second frame.  Zac’s corner telling him that Nestor is fading, but he doesn’t appear to be.  Nestor’s corner telling him that Zac can’t handle his hands.  Once again Negroni closes out the round with an armbar.  Nestor is the first one to connect with a shot in round three.  Zac doesn’t like it and takes the fight to the ground where he starts the ground and pound. Nestor now starting to looked drained.  Zac is on him like a human back pack.  Negroni peels him off and Zac starts throwing down bombs.  The bell sounds and Zac throws another shot.  Big Dan picks Zac up and moves him out of the way.  Zac Haynes is your new Maverick Advanced Amateur Bantamweight champion.

Sadykhov Strong

Bobby Malcolm is not even looking at his opponent Nazim Sadykhov as he throws strikes.  These two fighters have heavy hands which produced a very entertaining first round.  Crowd chanting for Nazim.  They are very K-Dojo proud here in Allentown tonight.  Nazim comes out throwing bombs to start the second round.  He used a judo throw to get Malcolm down, but Bobby Malcolm gets right back up.  That’s when Nazim gets him right back down and begins an assault that bloodies Malcom in the process.  Nazim is not giving Malcolm any room to breathe.   Malcolm starts third round with same tactic as round one, not looking at his opponent.  Nazim looks fresh.  Malcolm beginning to fade.  Nazim cracks Malcolm with a thunderous shot.  There is a mouse under the left eye of Malcolm.  Nazim connects right at the bell and busts Malcolm’s nose.  Nazim Sadykhov wins unanimously.

Sims Makes It Look Simple

Paul Sims came out like a man on a mission against Isaiah William.  Sims went swarming in with heavy hands, then took Williams for a ride, launched him into the air and onto his end, and finished the fight with a rear-naked choke.

Tough Win for Segovia

Andy Segovia hurt Stephen Moleski early with a couple high head kicks, followed by a big left hand that sent Moleski to the floor.  From there Segovia, a Tiger Schulmann prospect, worked ground and pound before landing in a stalemate.  Big Dan stood them back up Segovia moves back to stalking down his opponent.  Moleski starts more aggressive in the second round, using his hands and then attempts a guillotine when it goes to the ground.  Segovia working to move past the guard.  Dan stands them back up.  Moleski throws a kick or two, following by a right hand.  Segovia goes in for another takedown but Moleski attemps a guillotine once again.  In the third and final round it is Moleski who has Segovia pressed up against the cage with nowhere to go.  Segovia not coming on as strong as he was in the first two rounds but he does not look gassed either.  It seems Moleski knows that he has to do something here to win.  Segovia gets his first pro win by way of unanimous decision.

And New

Bassil Hafez made quite the statement coming into his first Maverick MMA fight.  Just 61 seconds in to the fight the Team Balance prospect ended the fight with a kimura.

Malek Mahmoud and Vladimir Kazbekov is a fantastic co-main event.  Vladimir appears to have the stronger wrestling and ground game.  Kazbekov is stunned by a knee that sends him to the ground and Mahmoud swarms in.  Kazbekov regathers and works the fight to the ground.  The two fighters are scrambling for dominance.  This one could go either way.  Kazbekov is cut above the eyebrow in round two.  He’s working the leg of Mahmoud, trying to get the fight to the ground.  Crowd is chanting for Malek.  Kazbekov has a mouse under his left eye and a glob of vaseline over his right.  Each had a period of dominant control on the ground in the final round.  Kazbekov now has Mahmoud’s back.  Mahmoud out and lands elbows to the body, then presses Vlad up against the cage.  Vlad’s face is a mess.  Mahmoud lands an uppercut just before the final bell.  Kazbekov wins by way of split decision and a “bullshit” chant breaks out.  Kazbekov is not having it on the mic.  He lets out a few profanities and the fans continue after him.  Despite their opinions he is the new bantamweight champ.

Main Event

UFC Veteran Matt Hamill and Carnicella MMA’s Chris Birchler met in the evening’s main event.  Birchler came strong backing Hamill up with strikes.  He pressed Hamill up against the cage and began to work.  Hamill gathered himself and came back rocking Birchler late in the round.  Birchler began to fade but then stumbled Hamill with his hands.  Hamill closed the round with a takedown.  The second round will easily go in favor of Hamill.  While Birchler did have several instances where he connected with Hamill, Birchler is looking tired, he is wiping blood from him eye, and his takedowns are not completing.  Hamill again finished the round with a takedown and landed elbows from top.  Another dominant round for Hamill in the final frame.  He lands several takedowns on Birchler and continues to land ground and pound.  Hamill wins a split and is the new Maverick MMA light heavyweight champion.

Former #ufc fighter @hammerhamill wins @maverick_mma light heavyweight title in #Allentown PA at #MaverickMMA6 #MattHamill

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Matt Hamill defeated Chris Birchler via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) for Maverick MMA light heavyweight title
Vladimir Kazbekov defeated Malek Mahmoud via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) for Maverick MMA bantamweight title
Bassil Hafez defeated Jerome Mickle via submission (Kimura) – Round 1, 1:01 – for Maverick Welterweight title
Andy Segovia defeated Stephen Moleski via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Paul Sims defeated Isaiah William via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 1:13
Nazim Sadykhov defeated Bobby Malcolm via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Zac Haynes defeated Nestor Negroni via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) for Maverick Advanced Amateur Bantamweight title.
David Juliano defated Jovany Alvarez via TKO – Round 1, 2:51 to retain Advanced Amateur Flyweight title.
Ryan Rizco defeated Luis Rodriguez via unanimous decision decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) for Amateur Lightweight Championship
Andrew Johnson defeated Noel Irizarry via submission (armbar) – Round 2, 1:31
Charles Wallace defeated James Lodge via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Ibrahim Kallie defeated Joseph Cole via TKO – Round 3, 0:38
Joseph Byers defeated Victor Alpizar via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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