VFC 60 Results Andrew Kapel vs Kevin Nowaczyk

VFC 60 Results – Andrew Kapel vs. Kevin Nowaczyk

Victory Fighting Championship holds VFC 60 tonight on UFC Fight Pass. MyMMANews.com has complete VFC 60 results below.


Saturday April 14th 2018

The Venue at The Horeshoe Casino

Hammond, IN

Live at 9pm CDT on UFC Fight Pass

Main Card:

Main Event – Middleweight
Andrew Kapel (11-6; St. Paul, MN) VS, Kevin Nowaczyk (15-3; Oaklawn, IL)

1st R Nowaczyk with the takedown to start the fight.  He’s putting pressure on him this is almost like BJJ clinic now he’s working a Rear Naked Choke.  Kapel fends off the submission but Kevin gets mount w ease then transitions back to work the RNC again.  He then goes for the armbar Kapel holding on until he’s able to escape.

2nd R Nowaczyk is showing more as he’s able to land punches from the mount.  Kevin is trying to pass Kapel’s guard but Kapel making it difficult, Pure grappling dominance displayed from Kevin as he gets side control but Kapel doing a great job of not letting him pass.  Kapel is rolling w Kevin but threw an illegal upkick that lands on Kevin .  Ref stops the action to check on Kevin. Kevin is continuing but seems hurt after Kapel throws elbows from below

3rd R Again Nowaczyk tries for the takedown, he’s eating shots from the bottom thrown by Kapel.  Ref stops the action The doctor checks what looks to be a very deep cut but deems him fit to continue. Kapel lands more shots from the bottom that opens up a triangle attempt that he can’t finish with to end the round.

Andrew Kapel def. Kevin Nowaczyk by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)


Co-Main Event – Heavyweight
Mohammad Usman (2-0; Arlington, TX) VS Don’Tale Mayes (3-1; Jeffersonville, IN)

1st R It seems Mayes is landing more strikes, Usman wants to get the takedown but is unable to.  Mayes landed a flying knee tha staggers Usman and then when for a spinning kick that grazes him as the round ends

2nd R Mayes is able to go after him and lands solid leg kicks.  Mayes starts tries to land a leaping body kics but Usman catches him every time he comes in.  Usman lands a huge takedown and now on top he’s controlling Mayes as the round ends

3rd R Usan comes in aggressive throwing some wild hooks, He closes distance and clinches up trying to take “King Kong” down.  When he does get the takedown however Mayes get right back up.  Usman is seemingly fresher and he’s trying to get another takedown.  Usman is putting together more combos late in the fight.  Mayes connects a straight flush on Usman w a straight and drops him.

Don’Tale “King Kong” Mayes def Mohammad Usman by Unanimous Decision (30-29,30-29,30-29)


Pat Sabatini (8-1; Bristol, PA) VS. Jose “Chepe” Mariscal (6-3; Cicero, IL) .

1st R Fight starts out hot when Chepe avoids the offense of Sabatini and able to wrap him up for a takedown.  Most of the fight is spent with Chepe trying to takedown Sabatini.  He is able to counter his clinch and toss him to the ground.  Sabatini attempts the takedown but Chepe is able to catch him off guard with another toss. Him and Sabatini exchanging takedowns throughout the round.

2nd R Chepe catches Sabatini with a low kick that drops him.  Jose is on top now in side countrol.  Chepe able to drag Sabatini and keep him down.  Crowd is behind Chepe his grappling is keeping Sabatini off-balance with his power wrestling. Sabatini able to get a takedown to end the round.

3rd R Chepe attempted to isolate an arm when Pat went in for the takedown.  Chepe is managing to keep Pat close to him but not letting him clinch.  Chepe finds an arm on the ground but is unable to capitalize.  Sabatini gets on top controlling him from half guard.  not much action as Chepe is in a bad spot.  when they stand Sabatini now pressuring Chepe.  Chepe able to reverse being on bottom and lands some punches.

Jose “Chepe” Mariscal def. Pat Sabatini by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bobby Moffett (10-3; Homewood, IL) VS. Enrique Gonzales (4-1; Lombard, IL)

1st R Moffett is thwarting submission attempts by Gonzales early. Gonzales gets up, Moffett is wearing him down by just pushing him against the cage and lowering his head.  Moffett finally lands the takedown after his head slipped out.  Gonzales deploying a unorthodox grappling offense with partial success.

2nd R Moffett is trying to go after Gonzalez and landed a takedown seemingly bad position for Gonzalez Moffett from his side control landing some stiff punches. Bobby looking for the rear naked choke but unable to sink it in.  Fighters stand and we are seeing Gonzalez landing some vicious shots to the face flush!  Moffett is able to go for a takedown and lands it!

3rd R Moffett lands a leg kick but it’s checked and he falls down.  Gonzalez gets on top but Moffett scrambles out.  now in the corner of the cage he is unable to get up as Moffett is putting pressure from behind.  Gonzalez is tired and he can’t escape with his body trapped against the cage.  Moffett is stalling just keeping the position on top.  Moffett has a tight arm triangle attempt but Gonzalez scrambles out and from the back lands a few punches to end the round.


J.P. Saint Louis (3-1; Milwaukee, WI) VS. Josh Streacker (4-1; Plainfield, IL)

1st R Streacker lands a head kick but it’s blocked. Josh Finding success with wide Left and Righ hooks.  J.P. was settled in but now his rhythm seems to be upset by Streacker.  He does connect w a solid right on Streacker. However Josh landed more that round.

2nd R Josh is looking for an opening but isn’t able to find it Josh lands a solid left his strikes are quicker.  He corners him up against the cage landing vicious shots till J.P. covers up and can’t respond.

Josh Streaker Def. J.P. Saint Louis by TKO 2nd R

Zach Fears (8-2; St. Louis, MS) VS. Tim Cho (6-2; Crystal Lake, IL)

1st R Tim Cho goes for the takedown Fears defended well but eventually Cho gets him down against the cage.  Tim Cho is unable to control Fears and he gets the fight back up.  Cho putting tremendous pressure on his opponent up against the cage without attempting any offense at times.

2nd R Tim gets behind his opponent and gets a takedown from there.  Very crafty Fears is able to reverse position to get on top.  Cho reaching for that single leg as he is getting up won’t let go.  Fears at this point is just holding him from compelting the takedown.   Cho lands the takedown finally on Fears.  Fears sits out and then standing on his hind legs when the round ends

3rd R Tim Cho again is working for a takedown against the cage.  Cho catches a punch that makes his nose bleed.  Tim is able to get a takedown on Fears but again not able to work from there as he gets up almost immediately.  Fears lands head kick that grazes Cho.  Cho unable to get the takedown at this point.

Zach Fears def. Tim Cho by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


Brian Peterson (2-0; Lake Forest, IL) VS. Oscar Kush (2-1; San Diego, CA)

1st R Kush is able to get the TakeDown right away and stays heavy on top.  Kush lands hard shots on Peterson from his back. Peterson able to scramble up both ae landing some stiff shots.  most of the action is in the center of the cage.  Kush lands a straight left that staggers Peterson.  Not much action as the round ended.

2nd R Jabs utilized by Kush, Peterson finds a straight and a overhand flush that staggers Kush up against the cage.  Peterson smells blooda and a overhand right by Peterson finds it’s mark. Kush looking like he’s slow down aand Peterson keeps up pressure on him agains the cage.  Kush eats a straight right and both fighters showing fatigue.

3rd R Peterson gets a straight right on Kush, both are being more conservative in this round.  Kush gets in some solid work w uppercuts and Brian is bleeding from the mouth.  Kush able to control the round landing more quanitity of strikes.  Brian is loading up for the big KO shot but isn’t able to deliver. Peterson finishes the round landing a uppercut.

Brian Peterson def. Oscar Kush (29-28) (29-28)(29-28)



Jesse Parker (1-1; Memphis, TN) VS. Askar Askar (6-0; Milwaukee, WI)

Askar dominates the fight just putting on pressure on his opponent en route to a TKO victory.

Askar Askar def. Jesse Parker by 1st R TKO 4:32


Light Heavyweight
Muhammad Abdullah (9-4; Hamilton, OH) VS. John Troyer (15-12; Chicago, IL)

1st R Troyer is able to clinch Abdullah early on and pushes him against the cage. Abdullah finds a takedown Troyer seems to be tired early on as Abdullah controls him from side control.  Abdullah keeps busy throwing strikes and neutralizing any scramble attempts by Troyer.

2nd R  Troyer able to get the takedown early on in the round.  Abdullah gets back up almost immediately.  Troyer able to drag him down and get the back of Abdullah, Abdullah gets back up.  He lands another takedown although Abdullah is able to quickly get up he eats some punches from Troyer.  They are both slugging it out Troyer w a couple of over hand rights that land flush.

3rd R Troyer is stalking Abdullah he throws a jab and goes low for the takedown Abdullah but doesn’t complete it as Abdullah is able to spin out and then deliver two hard right hands on Troyer while he’s grounded.  Both take the center with under a minute left in the third round.  Troyer gets a takedown on Abdullah and quickly transitions to the back with a few punches as the round ends.

Mohammad Abdullah Def. John Troyer by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28,30-26)


Oscar Hernandez (pro debut; Berwyn, IL) VS. Kanat Tassybay (1-1); Bensenville, IL)

1st R We see Tassybay engage the clinch on Hernandez who keeps moving foward.  Kanat gets taken down by Hernandez.  Kanat threatened with a submission from the bottom but he escapes with ease, we are seeing Hernandez a more seasoned wrestler exposing holes in Kanat’s grappling defense.

2nd R Hernandez gets a takedown within the first minute, he’s controlling Kanat, Kanat able to scramble up he looks very tired and they are both clinching against the cage.  Hernandez eats a couple punches after they disengage.  Kanat hits a takedown and not much offense from on top, Hernandez tried to engage a Triangle but gets slammed for his effort but still held on the attempt for the end of the round.

3rd R Kanat gets a takedown now able to establish control as Oscar scrambles against the cage to his feet. Kanat able to get another takedown on him against the cage.  Kanat establishing dominance in this round flattening out his opponent and throwing strikes, attempting a tight rear naked choke as the round ends.

Majority Draw (28-28 ,28-28, 29-27)


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