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Meet New Zealand/Australian MMA prospect Isi Fitikefu

Interview with Isi Fitikefu above

Australian/New Zealand MMA prospect Isi Fitikefu joined MyMMANews to talk about his young career in MMA.

Like everyone else around the world he’s currently in lockdown but is able to leave in order to work. His hope is to one day focus full-time in MMA but for now the most important thing for him is putting food on the table.

Fitikefu’s career started off similarly to current UFC Champion Alex Volkanovski, he was made the switch from Rugby League after wanting to switch sports. He realized his time in Rugby League was over.

Having lived in New Zealand, he grew inspired from greats like Mark Hunt and David Tua. Eventually he made the switch to MMA.

In this interview he also talks about people thinking he FaceTime’s celebrities, juggling his job and MMA, and so much more.

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