Michael "Venom" Page

Michael Venom Page won’t change who he is ahead of title fight: “From beginning to end, I will always be me”

For the first time in his professional career, Michael Venom Page will compete for the Bellator MMA welterweight title and he’s got quite the opportunity to do so in front of her. It was announced last week that MVP will face champion Yaroslav Amosov at Bellator: London, an event scheduled for May 13 at the SSE Arena in Wembley.

The title fight will not only be the first title fight in the career of Michael Venom Page, but it will also come in front of his hometown crowd in London. With a professional record of 20-1, with all but four fights coming under the Bellator MMA promotion, MVP has become one of the most entertaining fighters to watch. His flashy striking style inside the cage, as well as his brash trash talk, is usually another reason to watch whenever Page steps inside the cage.

With the biggest fight of his career in front of him, Page will face the 26-0 Yaroslav Amosov and although it’s the most serious moment of his career, he doesn’t plan on changing his style ahead of the fight. Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour this week, MVP was asked about his style and said he has no plans to change anything about himself ahead of the biggest fight in his career.

“It has to be me all the way through. It’s the same way I entered the sport, it’s either going to be me and I’m going to come into the sport as myself with my theaterics and style, or I wasn’t going to be in the sport at all. And it’s the same going into this fight, it’s either going to be with my style and theaterics or there’s no point in me taking the fight. From beginning to end, I’ll always be me.”

While Amosov is no joke as an opponent for Michael Venom Page, he would go on to say that he feels if he doesn’t stick to who he is inside the fight, it takes away from the fighter he has become throughout his career.

“It all plays a part and it’s just become me so if I neglect these things, I almost take away from what I’m doing to my opponent in that moment. I know a lot of people think it’s just me acting out and the way I can belitte credible opponents is why I get such criticism on the other side, but like I said I’ll always continue doing it and I’ll always be me.”

Facing the toughest yet most rewarding challenge of his career, it’s certain to be a show if Michael Venom Page stays true to his word, and to himself, and enters the world title fight with his personality, theatrics, and fighting style.

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