Mickey Gall

Mickey Gall fought with failing kidneys at UFC 235

Mickey Gall had a couple of tough fights on his hands earlier this month at UFC 235: one with Diego Sanchez and the other with his own body.

Gall, who was defeated by Sanchez during the ESPN preliminary card in Las Vegas via second round TKO, took a knee to the body that sent him to the canvas. “Nightmare” would eventually get to full mount en route to finishing the fight. Gall came out doing exactly what he had planned to do, come out aggressively and look to land big punches.

As the fight progressed, Gall began to slow down. On Tuesday, the 27-year-old revealed on Instagram that he unknowingly competed with some serious issues.

I want to let you guys know that I didn’t just ‘gas out’ in there. Turns out I fought with failing kidneys and Rhabdo. It zapped me. The fight turned out like s***. I’m so mad I told you guys to tune in so many times. I’m out of the Vegas hospital I’ve been at. Had a little rest, now I’m all better. No long term damage. Flying back to Jersey today. I’ll be back in the Octagon in the next few months. FOR REAL I’M ALL GOOD.

I love this game. I love this life and I got a lot more to do.

Harvard Medical School states that Rhabdo, short for rhabdomyolysis, is a rare condition when muscle cells burst and leak their contents into the bloodstream. The most common reason one would acquire this disease is due to over training and quickly increasing overall intensity while working out. Common symptoms include weakness, muscle soreness and dark or brown urine. The severity can even lead to kidney failure

Gall dropped his second fight in his last three and entered UFC 235 coming off of a bounce back first round submission win over George Sullivan at UFC Lincoln last August.

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