The Connection Between MMA and Online Casino Industry

MMA and The Popularity of the Online Casino Industry

The mixed martial arts (MMA) and online casino industry had a similar trajectory in the last decade. Both came from obscure roots and managed to become incredibly popular parts of global entertainment.

Like all professional sports, there is a strong connection between MMA and the online casino industry.

As the most popular form of online gambling, sports betting plays a big role in MMA, but the sport is present in online casinos as well. That presence is mainly demonstrated through sponsorship deals, themed games, and branding activities.

The History MMA and Online Casino Industry

As we mentioned before, MMA and the online casino industry have a lot in common. They both had to overcome humble beginnings when only the most avid fans knew about them. After a very short time, both are now part of mainstream entertainment.

The best part is that neither of them offered anything new or revolutionary. Throughout history, people have always gambled; online casinos just gave them a new way to access their favorite game. Likewise, fighting as a sport has an even longer history, and MMA just combined several of them into one. Again, nothing really new.

Despite that, both achieved terrific success and continue to demonstrate strong growth, even in these uncertain times. One of the first to venture into these deals was, and they have proved highly successful and paved the way for others to try something similar. With sports betting on the verge of legalization in the United States, where MMA is very popular, we expect more synergy between MMA and the online casino industry. That synergy can potentially be worth millions of dollars.


The most visible proof of the connection between MMA and the online casino industry is sponsorship deals. The popularity of MMA, its fighters, and tournaments make it an ideal partner for online casinos and their sports betting departments.

Millions of bettors watch MMA religiously and when they see that an online casino sponsors their favorite player or a tournament, guess where they will go next time they want to gamble.

This is a win-win situation for both sides, as MMA gets a lot of cash for advertising online casinos. Often, fighters have their own deals with casinos and betting operators, although that has been known to raise some ethical concerns in the past.

It was mainly because of the fears that a bookie may influence the fighter to get him to rig matches. Fortunately, there have been no such incidents so far, and hopefully, it will remain like that.

MMA-Themed Slots

These days, we have slots themed after almost anything, from Hollywood blockbusters to video games. MMA is not an exception, as several slots represent the sport and feature some of the most popular fighters.

The MMA-themed slots are highly popular with the fans of the sport who enjoy an occasional spin on one-armed bandits. Even if you aren’t an MMA fan but enjoy martial arts, you can enjoy slots like Bruce Lee, Karate Kid, and Paws of Fury.

You can read more at Playcasino about which casinos have these games so that you can find them easily. You should also check out detailed descriptions, as not all of them are the same. For example, the Bruce Lee slot has 5 reels and 60 paylines you can play.

The symbols are classic Bruce Lee weapons and props, like nunchucks and Kung Fu scrolls.

Brand Ambassadors

Online casinos are always on the lookout for famous brand ambassadors, and MMA fighters represent an ideal opportunity. Naturally, most casinos require only high-profile fighters, champions, and contenders. Lesser-known ones will have a hard time landing a deal with one of the top casinos, just like in any other sport. The more fans a fighter has, the bigger the chances that some of them will visit the casino in question.

With names like Mackenzie Dern under contract, building brand awareness and attracting new players is much easier. Brand awareness works both ways, and fighters have a lot to gain from associating their brand with a successful and recognizable online casino.

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