National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA Review

National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA Review

Incorporating a BCAA into your routine could help you maintain and build muscle, quicken your recovery time, and give you more endurance during training.

Many studies show that BCAA can help you train harder and longer while reducing inflammation and muscle tissue soreness. But to see benefits, you need to make sure that you are taking a quality product, as the range of quality in the BCAA products available varies widely.

National Bodybuilding Co. is a brand we trust. They are known for researching their ingredients and dosages thoroughly to help you reach your peak physical performance. As a bonus, all of their products are free from common harmful ingredients found in supplements, like fillers or additives, which reduces any nasty side effects.

We have reviewed National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Content BCAA so that you can decide if it’s worth trying.

Their supplement contains 4,000mg of Branch-Chain Amino Acids, the building blocks of protein, and therefore muscle. They have also included L-Glutamine and B6 to help further reduce muscle soreness. They claim that it will give you more energy and enable you to work out harder for longer. B6 will also help you to feel less fatigued throughout the day, which is important so that you can continue to tackle your day after training and lead a healthy personal life.


  • Gluten-Free
  • 45 servings per tub
  • Good mixability
  • Non-GMO
  • Available in one natural tasting flavor – Fruit Punchflavor
  • Advanced formula with a ratio of 2:1:1 BCAA, for muscle protection and faster recovery.

Bodybuilders have been using BCAAs for years to reach new heights in their performance that they never thought possible. But how does National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Content BCAA compare to other BCAA products:

Reported Benefits

National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA has been designed to help bodybuilders to optimize their training. Protecting muscles will help you work out for longer and preserve muscles, even while cutting. The manufacturers claim that it reduces inflammation and relieves muscle soreness.

Some of the other potential benefits include:

1. Extended Endurance

Most bodybuilders taking BCAAs want to train harder for longer. One study showed that people taking BCCAs were considerably less fatigued when working out. [6] Yet another study where participants were given either a placebo or a BBCA showed that those given a BBCA worked out for 17% longer.  [7]

Pushing your body for that extra time will have a significant impact on your muscle gains.

2. Maximized Exercise Performance

With optimum ratios of BCAAs and B6, National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Content will boost your endurance and prevent your energy from draining as quickly. You will be able to push your body further and therefore continue to grow your muscles, whether you are working out from home or in the gym.

BCAAs have been proven to help your body produce APT in the mitochondria, boosting the energy at the very heart of your cells. When you combine this with B6, you should see massive improvements in your energy and performance. [5]

3. Increased Muscle Growth

BCAA are the building blocks of protein and, therefore, muscle. They will help you build muscle tissue, keep your muscles protected, and help you maintain them even if you are trying to lose fat.  [1]

BCAAs activate vital enzymes, which stimulates the body to build muscle. [2]

4. Reduced Muscle Tissue Breakdown and Soreness

BCAAs provide your body with what it needs to grow new muscle tissue and lowers the number of enzymes in your body that can cause them damage. [4] Amino acids are depleted when you train hard, so it is important to replenish them to see the best results.

Studies have shown that BCAA reduces muscle soreness by reducing inflammation. [3]

The formula of National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Contest BCAA included L-Glutamine, which also helps your body recover. Your levels are depleted when you train, which can minimize your muscle growth and compromise your immune system, it is therefore important that you replenish your body with Glutamine.


Each 6.5g serving contains the following ingredients:

One thing we like about National Bodybuilding Co. is that their ingredient lists are transparent, which means that we can see exactly what’s in them. Their ratios and dosages are thoroughly researched to provide optimum results.

The ratio is balanced with 2:1:1 (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine. In comparison, some of their competitors have a distorted ratio of up to 10:1:1 Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

It also has additional benefits of clinically dosed Glutamine and vitamin B6, which make this product extra effective.

Flavors, Mixability, and How to Take it

One downside is that it only comes in one flavor, “Fruit Punch.” However, in our experience, it doesn’t taste too artificial or strong. It mixes well in water. If you use a shaker bottle, it will dissolve quickly, or you can use a glass of water and a spoon, but you may need to stir it for up to two minutes.

National Bodybuilding Co. recommends that you take their Pro Contest BCAA before and after you train, or with your meals. They recommend half a scoop (6.5g) two to three times a day.

Price & Where to Buy?

One tub has 45 servings and costs $38. Many products on the market are close to this price range, but only contain 30 servings, which is good value for money.

The shipping is fast, but unfortunately, you can only get it in Canada and the USA.

If you want to purchase this product, then head over to the National Bodybuilding Co. website:


The highlights of National Bodybuilding Co. Pro Content BCAA are:

  • Faster muscle growth
  • Less fatigue
  • More endurance
  • Less inflammation and soreness of the muscles.

National Bodybuilding Co. BCAA has researched well and designed for bodybuilders to help them reach new gains in their performance.


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