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Lance Palmer, PFL Championship

Lance Palmer celebrates after winning the PFL featherweight title in 2018.

Lance Palmer, Other Fighters, Suing PFL

PFL champion, Lance Palmer, announced on Twitter today that he and other fighters were moving forward with lawsuits about the promotion and how the company handled fighters this year with pandemic. Check out the tweet below:

Palmer and other fighters in the PFL have been sidelined for the 2020 season as the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. PFL announced that they would be paying all of their athletes on roster during the season even though they could not fight. The “postponement” of the season saw PFL returning in 2021.

The promotion made moves by signing big names this off season like Rory MacDonald. But now, with fighters revolting it looks as if many fighters are attempting to abandon ship. Other fighters, such as Kayla Harrison, the two time Judo Olympic Champion, have been itching to fight and have even teased a fight soon. Harrison even begged for a fight on social media:

PFL Struggling to Keep Fighters Happy

The PFL went out of their way to keep in the eyes of fans during this tough time during the pandemic by releasing a myriad of original web series. But behind the scenes, the promotion says they are paying all of their fighters on the roster but are cutting some of their fighters that are not near the top of the totem pole. They have gone out of their way to keep the stars in the promotion happy and have struggled to do so.

This lawsuit, while not public, looks to be for fighters who are trying to fight. It looks that the PFL is holding their athletes to their contracts and not letting them fight elsewhere to pay their bills. PFL has not made a statement on this lawsuit at the time of this writing.

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