All of these are common exercises, but you must do this at least 20 minutes a day. So, read this post to know about the best home workout for Lockdown. 

Best Home Workout For Lockdown

Post COVID-19 time, we all in this situation together. It is the new normal, and we have to adapt to this change. It doesn’t mean that you get a chance to live a sedentary life. You should motivate yourself and get rid of laziness. It doesn’t matter that Gyms are closed; you have to maintain yourself and live a healthy and fit life.

To main your fitness, we bring you some essential exercise that you should do daily. All of these are common exercises, but you must do this at least 20 minutes a day. So, read this post to know about the best home workout for Lockdown.

  1. Exercises for Super Arms: 

There are more than hundreds of variations of arm exercises. You can change the necessary exercises to the advanced one if you have enough stamina and power, and these arm exercises will stimulate your biceps, triceps, and forearms.


First, place your hands on the ground and make sure your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Come in Plant position. Now slowly bend your hands from elbows and lower your body down. Then push your body up.


Make a firm grip on a bar, pull yourself upward, and then slowly come to the initial positions. Repeat these steps.

  1. Exercises for Strong Legs: 

In Lockdown, you are not allowed to go outside. So, you can’t walk for a long distance. That’s why it is important to do exercises for legs.


Stand up straight. Then open your legs to your shoulder size. Now slowly bend your knee and go down. When you reach full momentum, force your legs to stand up straight with open legs. Repeat it.

Reverse Lunge: 

Stand up straight with hip-width apart. Now take a back step by right leg ad bend your both knees like you get 90 degrees angle on both knees. Now bring back step with the left leg and repeat this exercise.

  1. Exercises for Slim Tummy: 

A sedentary life leads to a big stomach, and it is a home for many diseases. Try these exercises to maintain a slim tummy.

Leg Raises: 

Lie on the ground on your back and place your hands under your bottom. Now, you can raise your one leg such that it makes 90 degrees angle with the ground. Repeat this exercise with each leg alternatively.


Lie on the ground; keep your back straight and make approx. Forty-five degrees angle with you lags to the ground. Now push your upper body towards legs such that you feel burns in your stomach. Now repeat this exercise again and again.

These are simple exercises that activate almost all muscles of your body. You can try these exercises inset. For example, you can do 20-20 reps of arm exercises than again 20-20 reps of leg exercises. This thing will be the same for tummy exercise.


It is imperative to work out daily. You just need to spend 20 mins on this workout. Then you can drink CBD juice from vape shop online to relax your body. Comment below if you have any questions.


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