Noufel El Kasri

Noufel El Kasri returns for his third amateur fight on October 6

Before his last fight, Noufel El Kasri said he wanted to test his ground game and predicted that he would win by submission…and not only did he pass the test with flying colors but he got the submission win as well.

“I was super happy, I didn’t see it coming that way, that quick.”

The dude just tried to take me down, he was trying to suplex me. So I just got heavy and land on top. Pretty much landed in half guard, throw a couple punches to get him distracted, pass to mount. I stayed calm there, making him a little tired, stay heavy hips down and I got the submission.”

The 21-year-old veteran of Glory kickboxing is making waves on the amateur scene. El Kasri is only two fights into his amateur career but he is happy with the progress he has made so far but still wants more.

“I’m happy but so hungry. I’m still reaching for perfection or excellence, I’m way far from there so I still have to work a lot more.”

He will look to show even more progress on October 6 when he faces Justin Sanders at Renegade Fight Night: Chapter 2. The Elevation Fight Time and High Altitude Martial Arts fighter wants to continue to show he is a well-rounded fighter.

“Go out there strike a little bit, put him into the cage, work some wrestling and take him down. And if he gets knocked down during the striking before the takedown, then that’s good.”

El Kasri wanted to fight sooner than this but he had a hard time getting a fight. But now that he has a fight, he is excited.

“I’m pretty excited for this fight, can’t wait to make the walk again and show my skills.”

Known as a high-level fighter around the amateur scene in Colorado, El Kasri has major aspirations, but he is focused purely on his upcoming fight against Sanders and believes the victory will be his.

“Put someone in front of me and I’m going to go out there and fight, the better guy going to win and I’m the better guy.”

Noufel El Kasri
Photo courtesy of El Kasri’s Photo page.
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