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ONE Championship’s Martin Nguyen aims for Eddie Alvarez

ONE Championship’s Martin Nguyen is eyeing a big fight as he said he wants to fight former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez.

“Man, I think it would be spectacular, with his experience, his caliber. I’d be more than honored to welcome him to the featherweight division. I’m sure if he gets past me, then he’ll obviously be a top-five, top-three contender for that title shot.”

As you can see, Nguyen wants Eddie Alvarez to come down to him at featherweight. With Alvarez struggling in the ONE lightweight division, a movie is a possibility.

Martin Nguyen vs. Eddie Alvarez: The Dream

Martin Nguyen believes Eddie Alvarez is still a top tier fighter and points to his experience as his best quality. While some have been saying Alvarez is fine, Nguyen doesn’t think so.

“Eddie Alvarez is [one of] the most experienced athletes in ONE Championship at the moment. In terms of MMA, I still feel like he’s got a few more fights underneath his belt, at least a minimum of three or four fights.”

For Alvarez, Nguyen says he doesn’t have a thing to prove and that the matchmaking makes sense should he move down to featherweight. Nguyen says he’s always ready to fight, Alvarez or not.

“He doesn’t really have anything to prove. He’s achieved it all. So you don’t count the old guy out until he’s completely out. I feel that I’m that person he should be fighting. I’m always ready to put my name and sign that contract. We’ll see what happens.”

While this may not be in the works yet, Martin Nguyen pushing for it is still pretty awesome. A move down for Alvarez could make sense and Nguyen would put him in a great spot to fight for his third major MMA title. Only time will tell if this comes to fruition.

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