Pawel Trybala: "There Will Be Power and Fire Displayed"

Pawel Trybala: “There Will Be Power and Fire Displayed”

Fight Exclusive Night (FEN) makes its return to action on Friday, May 28, 2021, when FEN 34: TOTALbet Fight Night takes place in Poland. With arguably their most-stacked card ever, newcomer Frans Mlambo will challenge Jonas Magard for the FEN bantamweight championship. The bout that could arguably steal the show is the rematch between Lukasz Borowski and the man who scored the victory on a TKO stoppage due to a gruesome ear injury to Borowski, Pawel Trybala. Beyond the worldwide viral incident at FEN 31, Trybala is one of Poland’s upcoming light heavyweight superstars on the horizon. Make sure to catch FEN 34, here, at their website.

Transitioning From Team Sports to Combat Sports

Looking at Trybala now, you would not want to meet him locked inside a cage. You also would not want to try and defend a spike on the volleyball court from him as well. “I have been in sports since I was a kid, I played volleyball for 7 years, I always liked sports. One day I started going to the gym more. I liked being bigger but in volleyball, my coach said that I was too heavy. Then, I felt that I need to find myself in a different sport,” Trybala told MyMMANews.

“I went to boxing training for the first time and I liked it very much, then with my buddies I signed up for grappling, which I was very interested in One day during sparring, the leader of the gym saw me and asked if he wanted to work on some goals. So I now had even greater motivation to train. It would look bad if the security guard at the club could not fight, so I started to apply myself more to this sport! One day one of my friends offered me to participate in the amateur international Kong Sao tournament. I won two fights before “time” and I brought home gold. I realized that maybe one day I could become a professional. I felt a love for this sport and felt that it could be my passion,” said Trybala.

Developing Into a Dominant Polish Force

When Trybala decided to make MMA his career choice, he teamed up with one of Poland’s top boxing coaches in Przemyslaw Kulig. “Kulig is a great boxer who became my friend. He taught me the most important thing, never to give up. When we ran, I was puking in the dark, and he motivated me that I had to be tough, that there would also be moments in the fight and you have to fight your weaknesses then. I ran on, and he taught me a lot. Kulig also introduced me to the world of professional sports,” stated Trybala.

A huge part of the success of Trybala’s development into a future star is working under the tutelage of Polish mastermind, Miroslaw Okninski, and Akademia Sportow Walki Wilanow. The gym hosts many of Poland’s legends such as Antoni Chmielewski, a professional of 50 fights, and a good friend of Tybala, and UFC heavyweight Michal Oleksiejczuk.

Solid Team of Training Partners and Coaches

“Mirek Okninski is the best strategist and coach. I have had the opportunity to meet trained in many clubs in Poland so I know what I am talking about. My buddies from the mats at the Academy of Wilanów martial arts are like friends. I have great fighters who give me valuable advice,” stated Trybala. “I owe a lot to Michal Oleksiejczuk, who is an excellent top UFC fighter. His advice is very important and motivational. His brother Czarek, who is a rising prospect, helps a lot too. He helps with training videos, telling me where I can improve.”

“Karol Turczynski is a great multiple-time Polish champion. He gives me valuable advice and devotes his time to additional techniques. We have a great atmosphere in the club and all colleagues from the Academy support each other. Łukas Bort is my motor trainer and is a great man. He is precise like a Swiss watch. With Łukasz, I jumped to a higher level. He also introduced me to a journal system. I would like to thank the entire club of the Wilanów Fighting Sports Academy for their motivation!”

Preparing for the Huge Rematch

At FEN 31 in November 2020, Trybala scored a wild TKO victory over FEN 34 opponent, Lukasz Borowski. During the second round, Trybala landed a huge right hand that led to Borowski’s left ear exploding. Borowski was not happy with the stoppage, showing Trybala the middle finger after the bout was stopped. These two had a highly emotional weigh-in, with the two engaging in a shoving match. It took multiple employees of FEN to stop the on-stage scramble. Though he knows he was highly emotional heading into their last contest, Trybala believes he will be in complete control in their FEN 34 bout.

“I was too emotional in that duel. Now, I will want to be more relaxed for this rematch. I am confident and have worked hard during this preparation period. I am going to end this duel before the time by a heavy knockout or submission. There would be no more guessing what if. I’ll be better for the next one and the next win will be mine!” stated Trybala.

Trybala had some parting words for the fans who will tune in for FEN 34 on Friday, May 28, 2021. “Dear fans, expect a tough fight. This will be no soft game! There will be power and fire displayed, guaranteed! Borowski will, lay, be beaten and cry!”


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