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Chance Rencountre looking to get back to UFC, “slim pickings” on the regional scene

Interview with Chance Rencountre above

UFC Veteran Chance Rencountre (15-4)  has won his first appearance since his UFC departure in 2019, the first time he has graced the cage since. At FAC 8 (Fighting Alliance Championship), Rencountre headlined the card, and made quick work of his opponent in the very first round. Rencountre details the split between himself and the UFC.

“It’s good to be back,” Rencountre said on the first fight since 2019. “It’s a business, I don’t know on their end. Other people been released for far less, so I can’t complain too much. Hopefully I can get some good performances together,” Rencountre continued. “Hopefully I can get another fight pretty quick. I need to finish people, show that I still belong around the top.”

The 34 year old has made little secret of his plan to get back into the UFC. Rencountre has paid his dues in this sport, and has a few more to pay in his mind, but then it is back to the top for the savvy veteran.

“I don’t want to fight four more times on the regional circuit,” Rencountre laughed. “I don’t belong there. I was having trouble getting fights, it is slim pickings right now, only certain shows that are going. The more exciting the fights, the more the stock goes up. I feel that I’ve paid my dues for a while, guess I got to pay a couple more.”

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