Photo Gallery: WSOF 27 Ring Card Girls Brittany Rhea and Janey B.

WSOF 27 will feature some intense action in the cage, but thanks to Ring Card Girls Brittany Rhea and Janey B., the action between rounds will be outside the decagon.

WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery8 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery12 (1) WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery13 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery16-1024x693 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery17 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery19 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery20-1024x683 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery24 WSOF_Brittany_Rhea_Gallery25 WSOF_Janey_Gallery1-682x1024 WSOF_Janey_Gallery2-682x1024 WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery1 WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery2 WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery3 WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery4 WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery10b WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery14b WSOF_Janey_Modeling_Gallery15b-1024x682

For more visit Brittany Rhea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Janey B. on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and at her website.


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