Stamp Fairtex

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Q&A with Stamp Fairtex ahead of ONE Fight Night 10

Stamp Fairtex is coming to America for ONE Fight Night 10.

On May 10, ONE FC will take their promotion to Colorado, and they have booked some stars for the show with former UFC fighters Demetrious Johnson and Sage Northcutt fighting on the card. The event is historic for ONE as it will be their first ever show in the United States.

Alongside of Johnson and Northcutt, ONE has also booked another star in Fairtex, as she’ll take on Alyse Anderson.

Prior to Fairtex’s first United States appearance, she recently did a Q&A with MyMMANews which can be seen below.

Stamp Fairtex Q&A

Question: You wanted to fight in the United States and now you’ll get to do that. How excited are you for the opportunity?

Fairtex: Very excited. It’ll be my first time fighting in the US. I’ve been training for months because of I’ll need to prepare for the reparatory system to adjust to weather in the US.

Question: Why is it important for you to fight in the United States?

Fairtex: Every fight is important to me. However, this fight is special because it’s historical as ONE is taking place in the US for the first time.

Question: Are you planning on making a vacation out of the trip and what do you want to see when you’re in the United States?

Fairtex: I’ve heard from a lot of people that Denver is a beautiful place. I’m looking forward to doing some sightseeing, see the mountains and scenery.  

Question: Let’s get into fighting. Another MMA fight for you. You’ve been pro since 2018. How much have you’ve seen improvements in your MMA since you first started?

Fairtex: I’ve watched always rewatch my own fights to improve my skills. I’ve made a lot of improvements in MMA using BJJ techniques– defend take downs and other defend techniques.  

Question: While you’ve made the transition, your roots are still deep in Muay Thai and kickboxing. Recently, you had a Muay Thai fight. What was it like fighting in Muay Thai for the first time in three years?

Fairtex: For the previous fight, I trained hard for Muay Thai and MMA to get ready for the special rule. When the fight was changed to kickboxing, I had to make an adjustment. Luckily, I’ve always trained everything daily, so it wasn’t worrisome. Also, I’ve spent time training with Smilla [Sundell], whose weight and build are similar to Supergirl’s. It helped a lot in the fight, but it was still not an easy fight.

Question: You were able to get a win in that fight. How good did it feel to get your hand raised in your Muay Thai return?

Fairtex: Everyone wants to win. I was happy, of course. I discovered my punching combo, whilst fighting someone heavier than me – I’m happy with the outcome. We agreed on the fight to show spirit of being fighters. I also didn’t want to let down the fans who were looking forward to the fight.

Question: Your next fight isn’t until May. What’s your schedule like ahead of training camp? Any down time to relax or is it all fighting from now until then?

Fairtex: I have more time to relax, but still train every day. The training will gradually be more intense as the time gets closer.

Question: Early thoughts on Alyse Anderson as an opponent?

Fairtex: Alyse is a very strong fighter with great physique. She has excellent BJJ skills. I cannot underestimate her at all especially when we’re fighting in her homeland.

Question: It’s early into 2023. What are your goals for this year?

Fairtex: Hopefully, an opportunity to challenge for the belt either for kickboxing or Muay Thai

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