Mateo Vogel

Mateo Vogel: BFL 76 “Represents That I Belong at That UFC Level”

Mateo Vogel defends his featherweight title against Drew Brokenshire at BFL 76: Canada vs. USA on March 30th.

Vogel once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss pursuing his sophomore title defense here, clashing with a veteran of over thirty fights in his tenth pro-MMA bout, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Mateo Vogel

Thoughts on Drew Brokenshire’s resume/ stylistic attributes and what a potential win here could vault Vogel toward

“Well, what’s interesting about Drew (Brokenshire) is that he’s been at it so long. He’s fought big names and he’s fought UFC vets. He’s got valuable victories on his record, right. It’s not that he presents some new kind of threat or anything like that from where I’m standing. But what I do know about him is at least this guy’s been battle tested. I’m not going in there against somebody who hasn’t faced somebody high-level before. I’m going to go in there against somebody who’s been at this since 2006. So he’s been around the block a few times.”

“This is really a chance to prove that I belong at that next level. I’m really excited to do that and to showcase that I am ready for that next level…It represents that I belong at that UFC level. It’s just, again, my chance to stamp that. I’ve been going at this hard now. This is a lifetime in the making and I’m really just grateful for this opportunity. Excited for everything to unfold. I’m not feeling any kind of new jitters, I’m not trying to add any kind of new, I guess, stress around this. I’m looking at this the same way I do every fight, man.”

BFL 76

Vogel’s core team remaining strong while also adding newer cross-training elements to his preparation

“I’ve also been training at BTT HQ with Fabio Holanda and Charles Jourdain as well. Every week leading up to this.”

“I’m getting a great push from Charles and before that from his brother Louis as well; as well as Diego (Santos) too. They’ve got like a solid room of jiu-jitsu guys afterward too. Like we do MMA practices in the morning and then they’ve got a line-up of black belts to train with right afterward too.”

“So it’s going with the guy with the UFC experience, going with Charles, having someone that I can chase, it kind of lit a fire in me a little bit you know what I mean. To have a training partner like this. I’m not used to having somebody on his level just the same size as me. So it’s a really great connection I’ve made there.”

Parting thoughts for Mateo Vogel

“I think I could say, I remember I told you guys last time was; I think I told you guys, it was the culmination of years of hard work was the last fight. Whereas this one’s going to be I think a full technical display. I’m going to be able to show you guys new levels of MMA. I think this is the one that’s going to propel me to that next level. I just feel it. Everything feels right, everything’s coming together. I’m excited to showcase my entire skillset on March 30th.”

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