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Jared Revel: “Get a Finish” vs Jesse Taylor

Jared Revel defends his middleweight belt against Jesse Taylor at BFL 76 on March 30th and broadcasts on UFC Fight Pass.

Revel was once again a guest on Bowks Talking Bouts. He touched on the machinations of this matchup, how a name-value win here could redirect his trajectory, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Jared Revel

The combat cache of Taylor and what a win here could do for Revel

“I think just constantly putting myself in the position where I keep having the big fights and compete at the highest level. Right there is going to kind of put me over the top, right. So that’s what I’m looking forward for.”

Thoughts on Taylor’s resume/ stylistic attributes in the context of Revel’s feelings w/ this bout offer

“When it kind of came around, the promotion had kind of mentioned it. Obviously we were all super excited for a matchup like that. I think we just had to wait to see if it came through right. Fortunately enough he signed the contract and we’re getting it on.”

BFL 76

The performance galvanizing aspects of the Canada vs USA event tagline for Revel here

“I love that. I love representing Canada. Like when I went to Brazil, that was definitely something that was great for me. Also, even just fighting Josh Silveira in LFA right, Canada going in. So I’ve never actually kind of represented Canda in that sense on a bigger stage with a big opponent in my hometown. Now that’s special to me, with having my own fans. Being at this level and having my own fans, fighting a guy of this nature, right. So it’s going to be exciting to bring home a big W in front of the Canadian fans.”

Battlefield Fight League

What could represent an ideal next step with the desired outcome here

“Obviously if UFC ever came to Canada, that’s exactly it. Representing Canada on home turf for UFC. That was kind of the whole goal originally and then COVID kind of happened. Kind of stunted that growth, we haven’t had a show in Canada. Getting a huge win here, if I need to get another big win. Whatever the biggest fight is possible after this, that’s the goal. To keep pushing myself to the highest competitive streak that I can and see what I’m made of. See what I can accomplish.”

Parting thoughts for Jared Revel

“Nah, just I appreciate your time as well, right. Anybody that helps promote MMA or mixed martial arts for other people to kind of follow along, it’s always great for our sport. I appreciate that a lot as well. All the people that obviously support me. Whether it’s just like following along the ride or if they’re training partners, family, whatever it is, I’ve always got mad love. I’ve got a ton of people behind me and that’s kind of what I fight with. I appreciate everybody and yeah, look forward to March 30th. It’s going down and I’ll get a finish.”

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