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Queen of New York Jack Hammer Promotions Press Conference – Part 1

Several of the ladies participating in the 8-women K1 tournament under the Jack Hammer Promotions banner, sit down together and speak in front of the press, family, and friends about the upcoming tournament’s unknown. The Queen of New York tournament includes Kelly Boyle, Lindsay Valentine, Paige Dibartolo, Jessica Schweitzer, Sharneka Wright, Jennifer Hubik, Jillian Petroglia, and Samantha Brister. Quarterfinals and semi-finals take place on the same night, January 26, at Mulchaey’s Pub & Grill in Wantagh.

This tournament is the first of its kind on the amateur level in all of New York State. Bobby Campbell, the President of Jack Hammer Promotions created the tournament so that not one competitor knows their opponent until the day of weigh-ins. Each fighter will select a ball. Two fighters with matching balls will meet in the first round of the 8-women tournament.

A couple of these ladies have either fought each other previous to this scheduled event, trained together, or have been scheduled to meet in a fight before pulling out of their scheduled match. Half of the ladies know each other fairly well, while the other half of the ladies are unknown to the crowd. This press conference was an excellent way to hear from the women about their expectations in this tournament. Since all of these women are fairly green in their young amateur careers, it makes this tournament wide open, leaving favorites on the same playing level due to the growing nature of each fighter.

The quarterfinals will take place at the beginning of the fight card and the semi-finals will occur before the co-main event and the headliner. Campbell also announced that the winner of the Queen of New York tournament will not only earn the title and belt, but they will also earn a bid on Team USA, which will be heading to Europe to compete in the near future. The finals of the tournament will be taking place in April.

Super Brawl 5 is headlined by two champions, Alpha Toure (ISKA Champion) and Malik Smith (JHP Champion). Kelly Boyle, Lindsay Valentine, Paige DiBartolo, Sharneka Wright, and Jessica Schweitzer all were in attendance for the press conference. Listen to what the women have to say about their upcoming fights against each other in the video below.

The undercard will NOT be streamed live but will be recorded and put on YouTube after, thought the Main Card (which includes the semi-finals) will be streaming live on Facebook for the Jack Hammer Promotions fans to follow the results of the Queen of New York tournament results.


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