Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant: “This fight is going to end in a knockout on my behalf”

Caleb Plant is bringing his world title back home to Nashville, Tennessee after winning it last year. Plant takes on Vincent Figenbutz in his first title defense. The fight takes place on February 15th at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and will air on PBC on Fox.

Caleb Plant is excited to be boxing in front of his home town crowd. He feels excited to bring his belt back home to the people who supported him before he made it.

“It’s great to be back in my hometown and my home city. I’m even more excited to be bringing home a world title and to defend it February 15 at Bridgestone Arena. It’s been a dream of mine since as long as I could remember. Since I was a little kid.”

Plant is looking to not only bring the belt home to his home town and win, he’s wanting to put on a show.

“I’m working harder than ever to make sure that I have my hand raised on February 15. I’m looking to do it in spectacular fashion, before the 12th round. This fight is going to end in a knockout on my behalf. I want everyone who’s going to be in the building and tuned in to know that this world title is staying right here in Tennessee.”

Training with his dad, Plant has sacrificed a lot to get to this point in his career. “My dad and I have been going at this for 18 years straight, non-stop,” says Plant. “Having this fight has been a dream that I’ve sacrificed a lot for. It’s a dream that on February 15, it won’t be spoiled.”

Don’t count on Caleb Plant having peaked yet. He feels his career is just beginning and he will accomplish so much more when it’s all said and done.

“It was a goal to become world champion, but it wasn’t the only goal. I think people tend to forget I only have 19 fights. I feel like I just made it to the base of the mountain. Some people when they become champion, they feel like they become the hunted, but that’s not the case with me. I’m still hungry. If you’re in my way, I suggest you get out of it. Because I won’t miss you.”

Plant points to his past fights for Figenbutz to look at for saying he will knock Plant out.

He says, “I’ve heard Feigenbutz is strong and physical and he thinks he’s going to come in and knock me out. Mike Lee thought he was going to knock me out and Jose Uzcategui said he was going to knock me out, but how’d that go for them?”

A lot of people overthink their game plan coming into a boxing match. Plant plans on keeping it simple.

“At the end of the day, boxing is hit and do not get hit. I have plenty of skills to spare. On February 15, I’m not playing with this guy.”

Plant sends out a stern warning to anyone who thinks they can chin him. He is not to be trifled with.

“All of these guys think they’re going to walk me down and throw more punches than me. But I throw more and land more punches than them. If he thinks he’s going to come in here and spoil my plans, I promise you that he’s got another thing coming.”

Bryant Perrella on a supporting role

Also on the card is Bryant Perrella as he takes on Abel Ramos. Perrella is ready to show the world on such a big stage that he is a great boxer and ready for a step up in competition.

“I’m grateful to be here today and blessed to have the opportunity to showcase who I am as a fighter. I’m a fighter who’s built on quality over quantity. Nothing has been given to me. I’ve faced nothing but excellent opposition to this point.”

Perrella has fully immersed himself in boxing. He thinks that will be the difference between him and his opponent when they face off.

“I eat, sleep and breathe boxing. I’m ready for this. I’m a fast, strong and tall fighter, with a high boxing IQ. February 15 I’m coming to dominate. Operation Abel will be unable.

Perrella is ready to show everyone what kind of a beast he really is. He plans on making Ramos his canvas of violence.

“I have Ramos outmatched at every category and I’m going to dominate. I’m starting hit my stride as a fighter. Everything is coming together mentally and I have an amazing team working with me now. We’re just grinding every day and putting it all together to work towards our ultimate goal.”

Austin Dulay

The third announced bout has Austin Dulay fighting as well. He is excited to fight in his home town as well.”I’m really thankful to my whole team for making this fight happen and especially to Caleb for paving the way for a fight in Nashville. We’ve been training really hard and we’re training even harder for this fight to put on a show in my hometown.”

Dulay is ready for anything. He says, “I know my opponent is going to come ready, we know what he’s coming to do. I’m excited for it. I’m going to be ready for anything he brings.”

Dulay is excited for the future of boxing in Nashville. “I can’t wait for this fight, put on a great performance and come back to Nashville again in the future for more big fights.”

Justin Gamber, Plant’s Co-Trainer

Justin Gamber is excited to be in Nashville as well. And for Caleb Plant to bring the title as well is lagniappe. “We are thrilled to come back to Nashville for this fight. It’s going to be Caleb’s first pro fight in Nashville, and from the moment that we heard first about this, we’ve been really excited.”

Gamber says Plant’s training camp is more of the same. Plant showcases his excellence in his technical abilities and his quickness. He says, “He’s had an incredible training camp as always. He’s been looking really sharp. Expect an explosive, powerful and better version of ‘Sweethands’ than you’ve seen yet. Caleb is always improving and always getting better. He’s taking it to another level.”

Justin Gamber has been following Plant for a while. He says following him to his rise and now to be a part of his camp is something special. “I’ve seen Caleb fight as an amateur in Nashville, but to be a part of him doing it in the pros, it’s so special for me. Just know that he’s going to put on a show. Skills pay the bills and he’s got all the skills.”

Richie Plant, Caleb Plant’s Father

As a proud father, Richie Plant is most excited for the hard work put in by his son to get to where he is. “We’re so glad to be here in this position. As soon as we heard that this was going to be a reality, we were just overjoyed,” says Plant’s father.

Seeing his son grow proficient to world champion status is something special for a Richie Plant. He started with Caleb Plant’s boxing career long ago.

“We started here about 18 years ago in boxing. Over the years we’ve grown, and now we have this amazing boxing team, one that I feel is the best in boxing. We’re just getting started. We’re excited to put on a show for our hometown and we’ll see everyone here on February 15.”

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