Randy McCarty

Randy McCarty talks out of town camp, opponent change for Southwest Brawl 10

When an MMA fighter is not signed to one of the major organizations, sometimes they do what they have got to do to pay the bills and still put a fight camp together.

The main event of Southwest Brawl 10 will see Las Cruces, New Mexico’s own “Wreck-it” Randy McCarty battling short notice replacement, Roman Alcantar for the AFL Inaugural Light Heavyweight title.

Interview with Randy below:

Heard that you’re not training in Las Cruces for this fight, what’s going on?
“So, my day job is sending me for training (in Oceanside, California) for my work and then I’m also using it at the same time to train with some high-level guys.”

“I’m working out at The Compound with Sean Loeffler. He’s a UFC vet, a Bellator vet. He has over 150 fights. I don’t know the exact amount that’s why I’m leaving it at about. A solid man and good gym so training there.”

A change of opponents, originally scheduled to face Mano Otero for the AFL Heavyweight title. Now it’s Roman and a Light Heavyweight Title bout. When did you find out?
“Three weeks before the fight I found out that I had a change in opponent. Yeah totally different from 5‘9” to 6’1” or 6’2”, whatever he is. From a guy that’s basically a brawler and no ground game to a guy that’s slick on the ground and solid on his feet as well.”

What’s your thoughts on the new match-up?
“Roman’s from a solid camp. I know that’s he’s going to be game to fight. He’s been preparing for a fight that fell through and coming off of an injury. I know little things and I’ve cornered against him; I believe when Billy Colon fought him.”

“Since I last seen him (Roman), I’ve gotten better in Jiu Jitsu; I have a second-degree black belt that’s been training me. I just got my black belt like four weeks ago now, three weeks ago, something like that and I’m training better on the ground. My stand up is just solid so my biggest thing is to go in there take care of business as cleanly as possible, expect five rounds, and look for the stoppage at any point.”

American Fight League presents Southwest Brawl 10 on August 31 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.

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Randy McCarty, South West Brawl 10

Pro Card

  • Light Heavyweight Title: Randy McCarty (6-11) vs. Roman Alcantar (6-1)
  • Welterweight: Kemoy Anderson (0-0) vs. Jalin Fuller (1-0)
  • Flyweight: Ivan Rios (0-0) vs. Richardo Ramirez (0-0)
  • Lightweight: Joseph Torrez (1-7) vs. Steve Trevino (0-0)

Amateur Prelims

  • Middleweight Title: Lamar Harris (3-0) vs. Daniel Martinez (3-1)
  • Welterweight: Travis Arellano (3-0) vs. CJ Boston (3-3)
  • Flyweight: John Calderon (1-1) vs. Daniel Fernandez (1-0)
  • Women’s Flyweight: Alexandra Castillo (0-1) vs. Teagan Ring (0-1)
  • Flyweight: Jacobo Martos (1-1) vs. Emmanuel Berumen (6-3 or 1-0)
  • Featherweight: Randy Ramos (2-1) vs. Alex Cardenas (2-1)
  • Lightweight: James Pleasant vs. Francisco Montano
  • Featherweight: Richard Jennings (3-3) vs. Swagath Pillai (5-2)
  • 120 Catchweight: David Hudson (0-1) vs. Richard Villegas (1-1)
  • Heavyweight: Ricky Rardin (0-0) vs. Pedro Ingram (0-0)
  • Lightweight: Jeremy Alba (4-2) vs. Mario Marquez (0-3)
  • 190 Catchweight: Miguel Tovar (0-0) vs. David Rollins (0-0)

*Records came from the promotion & card subject to change

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