RecoverFun Massage Gun Review

RecoverFun Massage Gun – Perfect Tool For Athletic Recovery

We’ve all seen the massage chairs in the mall and questioned, “should I give it a try?”

Sure, why not……. if you like paying to sit down in a chair that thousands of other people have used and getting a pre-programmed and timed massage that will likely really do you no good.

You may be asking yourself what the alternative is.

Well, let me tell you about one of the the most practical and best-performing massage guns that I have yet to experience.

RecoverFun Plus is an upgraded version of the RecoverFun percussion massage devices family, with a longer stroke length, more substantial power, a larger battery capacity, and a sturdier metal shell. IT IS A MASSAGE GUN SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR STRONGER DEPENDENCE ON MUSCLE RECOVERY AND PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES.

So, if you are in the gym, working out, and you can feel yourself getting sore, break out the RecoverFun Plus and get to work.

Check out some of the benefits below:

Accelerates recovery & muscle repair

Increases blood and lymphatic flow

Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness

It breaks up scar tissue

Improves lactic acid clearance

Activates the nervous system and muscles

Muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness, and knots

Natural stress relief

Myofascial release (7x more effective than a foam roller)


Amplitude: Recoverfun Plus is extended to 13mm percussive stroke length and creates a much deeper tissue percussion massage experience.

Motor: The 100-watt brushless high-torque motor brings a compelling impact on your muscles.

Battery Life: 2900mAh (210+ minutes per use).More considerable battery life.

Material: Upgrade to use aluminum composite for the main housing, sturdier and shapelier.

Quietness: Brush-less motor with Silent-Force Technology and Standardized calibration quietly dispel all your fatigue anytime, anywhere.


I absolutely love the RecoverFun Plus.  It is small, compact, comes in a nice carrying kit.  Easy to charge, easy to use.  Check them out today.

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