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Reggie Barnett Jr. to Johnny Bedford: “You gotta bring it, bro!”

Reggie Barnett Jr. has come from a family lineage of boxing athletes. So, it should’ve come to no shock to his family that Barnett Jr. would follow in the fighting family’s footsteps. The only thing the Barnett’s might not have prepared for, was an era of a new sport was brewing that require fighters with a particular set of skills consisting of no padding on their bread makers! A requirement that was music to young Barnett Jr’s ears.

“It’s a whole different breed of sport and not everyone is meant for it”, Barnett Jr. says of BKFC.

Now, after storming through the lightweight divisions tournament, Barnett Jr. is on the cusp of winning the BKFC inaugural lightweight championship. Standing across from him vying for the same title will be none other than another fast rising BKFC phenomenon, and UFC veteran, “Brutal” Johnny Bedford. A seasoned vet whom has also amassed an impressive undefeated record in BKFC.

When asked about the bout with Bedford, Barnett Jr. says “This is an opportunity I’ve been working toward my entire life.” Following with, “I will be the first, THE FIRST ever Bare Knuckle 135 lb champion in American history!”

Continuing discussing how he thinks the bout will play out, Barnett Jr. claims, “I beat him at his own game and when he realizes his game doesn’t work, I beat him with mine. Plain and simple. That’s how it’s going to happen. I already know!”

Tune in as Reggie and I catch up at length to discuss the bout with Bedford, capturing the inaugural BKFC lightweight belt, what it takes to be a bare knuckle fighter and much more!

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