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Regis Prograis eyeing Josh Taylor rematch with win over Zepeda

Regis Prograis has a monumental task in front of him this weekend with the stubborn Jose Zepeda. But that hasn’t stopped Prograis from thinking about revenge. The Louisiana native hopes to get a rematch with the only man to hand him a loss: Josh Taylor.

Regis Prograis takes on Jose Zepeda this weekend live on The pay per view starts at 9pm EST and you can catch that below. 


Regis Prograis vs. Josh Taylor 2?

While Josh Taylor has his hands full with Jack Catterall, Regis Prograis has been on his tail since the two’s bout in the World Boxing Super Series in 2019. There, Taylor took a majority decision in a very close fight. For Prograis, getting that fight back is his number one want in his career thus far.

“For me, the number one guy on my list is Josh Taylor. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him after this fight. I don’t know if he’s gonna go up or not. But if everything goes smooth, I’ll be a World Champion and if he can beat Catterall, he’ll be a World Champion. I think that’s a huge fight.”

But, Prograis will not fight Taylor in the UK again. He has always felt like the judging there wasn’t always the most honest. Prograis believes, however, that a rematch between the two would be a mega fight and can gain some interest in big places in the boxing world.

“Of course, I won’t fight him UK again. But maybe we can fight in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or something like that, maybe somewhere me and him could make a huge fight. Prograis versus Taylor II, I think that’ll be a big fight, especially if we both have the belts. To unify again, I think that’ll be a huge fight. That’s the number one person on my list.”

But, only time will tell how it all goes down. Prograis has a tough opponent in front of him this weekend with Zepeda and Taylor has the tough fight with Catterall again. Only one way to make it happen, let the fights run their course.

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