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ROAD FC 047 injury updates: Sasaki and Miranda face lengthy recovery

ROAD Fighting Championship has provided updates on the fighters who were injured during ROAD FC 047, which took place at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing, China on May 12, 2018.

Below are the injury updates

Sasaki Shinji fought a valiant three rounds against a stronger than ever Bao Yincang. During the bout, Sasaki took multiple hard blows to the face that resulted in fractures of the right orbital, nasal, check, and chin bones, as well as sustaining a right hand finger fracture. Treatment is being discussed; Sasaki faces a lengthy recovery and a minimum of 6 months out of competition.

sasaki shinji

Bruno Miranda put in beautiful work against Baoshe Riguleng over the course of three rounds. He left the cage with a fractured metacarpal in his right hand. Miranda was taken to Jung Hospital in Wonju, South Korea where he received surgery to repair the bone with a metal plate. Recovery will be 2 months, and Miranda is forecast to return to fighting in 5 months.

Bruno Miranda

Mighty Mo was shocked by the takedown and ground game of Gilbert Yvel. In an armbar escape attempt, his elbow dislocated and the referee stopped the fight. Mighty Mo is expected to be allowed to resume training after approximately three weeks of rehabilitation.

injury updates, Mighty Mo

Kim Jae-Hun ran defense against Aorigele, but suffered injuries despite his game plan. Kim has a fractured right elbow and a fractured right small finger. His recovery time is expected to be one month.

Kim Jae-Hun

Jing Yingchao fractured a toe in her bout with Marina Kumagai, but will make a full and quick recovery.

Deng Chaolong tapped out to pain after taking a knee to the ribs and a big takedown form Oli Thompson, but there is no bone fracture or internal injury, so he will make a full recovery with rest.

ROAD FC expresses thanks to all the competitors who made ROAD FC 047 a great success with their amazing performances. We support all fighters in their swift a complete recoveries and return to action.

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ROAD Fighting Championship 047
May 12, 2018
Cadillac Arena
Beijing, China



#5 2018 Openweight Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Aorigele def Kim Jae-Hun by TKO, R3 0:33

#4 2018 Openweight Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Gilbert Yvel def Mighty Mo by TKO, injury, R1 3:50

#3 Women’s Openweight Match
Gabi Garcia def Veronika Futina by Submission, RNC, R1 3:50

#2 2018 Openweight Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Oli Thompson def Deng Chaolong by TKO, R1 3:50

#1 2018 Openweight Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Chris Barnett def Alexandru Lungu by TKO, R1 2:37


#6 Reserve Openweight Match
Fujita Kazuyuki def Kong Handong by TKO, retirement, R2 4:46

#5 62.5 Catchweight Match
Alatengheili def Kwak Jong-Hyun by TKO, R2 2:40

#4 -72kg Catchweight
Bao Incang def Sasaki Shinji by Unanimous Decision

#3 Women’s Bantamweight Match
Jing Yingchao def Marina Kumagai by Unanimous Decision

#2 Lightweight Match
Ki Won-Bin def Thirayut Khaorat by Unanimous Decision

#1 -72kg Catchweight
Bruno Miranda def Baoshe Riguleng by Unanimous Decision

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