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Christian Carr, Senior Prom

Senior prom, cage-fight, graduation all on the calendar for Lancaster’s Christian Carr

Christian Carr will be taking on Matthew Santos Friday night at Art of War 7 in South Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.  Carr hasn’t even graduated high school, yet the 18-year old has 2 kickboxing (USKA) victories, and is 1-0 in MMA.  Carr has wrestled throughout his youth and has been training at Gracie 717 in his hometown of Lancaster, PA, for years. He’s balanced school, work, training, and competing. That’s quite a task for someone of such little experience.

I asked Carr how he plans his fights and his path over the next year and he told me “Zak Kelly.  Zak has been there with me since the first day. He’s been there himself, and I trust him with making decisions as I move forward into my future and going full time into fighting.”  You can hear Christian’s full interview below.  I had to ask him about the loss of his signature mullet 🙂

Carr is just off of his senior prom, and fights on Friday. He graduates high school next month.  He will continue to work his job and train hard. Kelly definitely has this young man on the right track.  He’s very grounded and knows a lot about nutrition and taking care of his body.  Inside the cage, he has strong cardio, wrestling, and his striking is getting better every day.  His two kickboxing fights for USKA were very impressive.

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