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Sparta Wyoming 4: Leduc-Washington 2 is must watch action

Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington are set to rematch on Sparta Wyoming 4. The epic rematch comes three years after the first matchup which went to a draw. Now, the two fight in the first lethwei World Title fight on United States soil. Leduc, hailing from Canada, is the King of Lethwei and spoke with My MMA News a few weeks back, one of our most read interviews of the year, a must read.

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Combat sports fans are in for a treat with Sparta Wyoming 4. In addition to the first ever sanctioned lethwei title fight in the United States, fans will get MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai bouts on the card. Several belts are on the line as well.

In addition to an openweight lethwei title between Leduc and Washington, the co-main event will feature an MMA title fight at featherweight as Geno Schevdov from Factory X takes on Elevation’s Noufel El Kasri. The third title on the line is a women’s kickboxing match at 125. Nikki Cruz and Khortni Kamyron are set to scrap in that one and will be the third to last fight before Leduc-Washington and Schevdov-El Kasri.

Other bouts on the card include Jack Girard versus Dylan King and Steven Lontine in MMA and Devlyn Dragonfly in a kickboxing match. The full card can be seen on the poster below!

Where to buy Sparta Wyoming 4?

The event will be available through the official Sparta website here for $25.99. You’ll get the Leduc fight as well as infinite replays. The show is expected to run for 4 hours and will have a multitude of fights including title fights, amateur fights, across a multitude of sports. It is a combat sports fan’s heaven.

Stay posted to My MMA News for all the latest surrounding Sparta Wyoming 4. Thanks for reading!

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