Which Sport Is Right For Your Body Shape?

Which Sport Is Right For Your Body Shape?

As you know your body shape mostly depends on your genes. Your genetic makeup accurately forecasts what kind of body you will have and how well it will work. The sporting abilities are also a part of this makeup as your genetic memory determines where you store fat and what illnesses you may be prone to.  Want to be a world champion?  First, you need to know what body shapes are right for each activity. From a sports viewpoint, the scientists highlight three main components of how your body is built: body type, body size (height and weight) and body composition (body fat percentage). Keep in mind, to maximize the advantages of your body type, you must identify what your body type is. And only after that, you can learn more about the exercises you need and sports that would fit perfectly your body build type.

A world-famous physiologist, William Sheldon, explored and classified sport body types into the following three main categories, namely ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Let’s take a closer look at what typify these three extreme body types:


People with the ectomorph body type are typically tall and slender with little fat or muscle.  They can eat piles of food and stay looking the same. As a result, they have trouble gaining muscular weight due to a fast metabolism. It takes longer and harder for the people with the ectomorph body shape to build muscles. Put simply, their body shape is much like a rectangle because their face, shoulders, chest, and hips are narrow. They usually also have skinny arms and legs.

Because of their slighter build, they become more susceptible to injury. The great advantage of ectomorphs is thermoregulation. Therefore, swimming, soccer, long distance running, marathon running, triathlons and cycling are the best options for people with the ectomorph body shape.  Besides, ectomorphs can do well in basketball, tennis and gymnastics. Ectomorphs have the ability to gain strength. Experts advise the ectomorphs to train like performance athletes.


Mesomorphs are known as the “genetically gifted” people with the natural build and aptitude for sports. Men with the mesomorph body shape have classic V-shape body. They commonly have wide shoulders, a narrow waist, relatively thin joints and round muscle bellies. Women with the mesomorph body type have an hourglass figure and they are usually slim.

Mesomorphs can gain or lose weight effortlessly and build muscle very quickly. They can easily do well at many sports activities from figure skating, artistic gymnastics, bodybuilding, soccer and rugby to hockey, swimming, rowing and triathlons. Mesomorphs need all-round training: cardio, strength, aerobic as well as flexibility training.


The endomorph body type tends to gain weight and keep it on. The build of endomorphs is a little wider than ectomorphs and mesomorphs. People with this body type have a pear-shaped body with some fat in all areas, including arms and thighs. That’s why endomorphs must watch what they eat more carefully and work a little harder to maintain a perfect body weight. However, they are naturally strong boned and build muscles quickly. The best sports for the people with the endomorph body shape are weightlifting, rugby, rowing, super-heavyweight boxing, wrestling, shot put, discus and hammer throwing.

So this body shape is not usually suited for speed and agility, but strength activities like powerlifting can be a great option.

Knowing your body shape will give you a clear understanding of the sports suited to your build and may even point out some sports you never thought of trying. Choosing the sports activity that fits your body shape will not only develop you physically but will also make it easier to succeed.

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