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Jonathan Clark is a 56 years old, early retired finance manager who has invested his life performing his professional duties. Post his retirement, he decided to fulfill all the desires he wanted to achieve throughout his life.

Muscle building was one of his dreams, something he could not work for while he was busy with his duties. However, as soon as he got free to plan his future life, he knew the next thing he wanted to do was muscle building.

Clark discussed his plans with some of his closest friends, who believed he was too aged to embark on bodybuilding.

With much disappointment, he ‘Googled’ about his ability to pack on mass and found that he was in fact late.

He learnt that testosterone is an extremely potent hormone that assists the growth of muscles. Since the body gradually ceases its testosterone production with age, the ability to grow muscles also decreases with time.

Other than muscles, it was surprising for him to learn that testosterone has a connection with his poor strength too. As he dug deeper and deeper about the effects of this anabolic hormone, he found how many of his age-related problems like poor sex drive and physical performance root from its scarce growth.

Clark decided to seek a treatment plan for low testosterone. He wanted to address many of its general issues, as well as his inability to grow muscles.

Out of all the remedial procedures detailed on the internet, he found testosterone boosters more promising.

Testosterone boosters generally come in the form of dietary supplements. Some of these promise a viable, safer and budget-friendly solution for low Ts.

Amidst his search for a quality testosterone booster, he was introduced to Testrx.

Clark investigated about the benefits and ingredients of Testrx and found it an ideal match.

He ordered the testosterone booster from its official website and also enrolled himself in a nearby gym. Along with a detailed muscle building training, he also started a 4 week bulking diet plan.

According to the novice bodybuilder, things changed for good as he incorporated Testrx in his regime. His muscles began to grow and so did his strength levels.

By the time his 8 weeks cycle ended with the testosterone booster, he gained a whopping 17lbs pure mass with satisfactory changes in his sex drive.

My TestRX Review and Results Story 2021 Update

His story narrates as:

Hey it’s Jonathan, a retired finance manager who had tirelessly worked throughout his life. While one day I sat and counted all that I ‘did for myself’, I realized there were many unfulfilled desires I could not afford to invest my time for.

 Out of these was to add on mass and get that bigger, fuller built for once. Despite my low physical energy, I felt super ready to achieve that dream now. After discussing the plan with some of my buddies- I was tagged too ‘overage’ for that.  

That upset me a bit but I decided to do my research before brushing off my plan.

I Googled and Googled and came to learn that my body may not be producing an abundance of testosterone, any bodybuilder need to amass.

Testosterone was relatively a new term for me and so I searched more about the part it actually has.

I found that testosterone is a hormone that gives us men, the strength, virility and sex drive we have.

It also multiplies the capacity to bulk as it has its fair share in the development of mass.

Sadly though, I was much older to generate higher levels of it as the production drops by late 30’s. This was an indication that I should not expect ‘bigger mass-generating effects’ from my workouts.

Few other things I also realized were that my libido and overall physical strength dropped from the past 15 years. I once enjoyed a healthy weight but seem like my fat burning engines drastically stopped and for all that, I cannot blame low testosterone enough.

In short, the only thing I had was- my determination. So the efficiency to produce higher and higher testosterone was my need of hour.

I looked for that healthy approach and found that the levels of testosterone can be restored.

Yes, a healthy bodily mechanism can be expected in my age too, provided that I choose a right treatment plan.

This was the time I came to learn about testosterone boosters offering an effective and safer support to the users. I sought for the respective recommendations and after reviewing benefits and ingredients, I finalized TestRX.  

Moreover, I also joined a gym and started with shoulder press, squats, deadlifts and more exercises. My gym instructor penned me a 4 week bulking diet plan, which I decided to follow for more time.  

Step by step, my bodybuilding journey ultimately began.

After the first two days, I almost gave up. Honestly speaking, I never thought it to be that of a challenge.

The workouts were ‘life taking’ and I could barely find the energy to perform them at all.

But thankfully, I somehow managed with my courage to keep it on. A week passed but I did not notice any change that may have been triggered by TestRX.

By the time I almost completed 10 days, I strangely felt my muscles working out more actively than before.

Yes, there was definitely a change as my muscles felt more energetic that was directly favoring my workouts.

As I ended the two-week period, I could feel an improvement in my sex drive, in addition to erectile performance.

Everything was evidently improving for me. I could feel myself having better physical energy and an improved focus to carry out my tasks.

There was a change in the muscle department but slight enough to be visible to plain sight.

Yet, I was happy and very much satisfied.

Things went as planned and I finally completed my one month cycle.

By this time, I could swear to the changes I was actually experiencing.

It was having extreme strength with my capacity to endure the pressure on the rise.  

What’s more interesting is that I would get an unusual boner almost 3 times a week. Well, my wife can assure that it was lasting long. 

As for my muscles, there was a gain of 7lbs which was enough to give me the back-up I needed to continue my journey.

So with utmost dedication, I completed another month with TestRX.

This time, the muscle expansion was obvious with another 10lbs addition, making it 17 pounds in total. My body felt more power, which I can relate to my younger self.

What’s as admirable is the fact that my gains were pure and not that of fats. As a matter of fact, I noticed a clearer reduction of fats that were mostly surrounded on my belly and thighs.

On a whole, I give TestRX 4.5 out of 5. From my growth to endurance and to my sexual appetite, it seemed to work for all.


TestRX is a balanced fusion of ingredients that are extracted from organic resources. The recipe introduces us some testosterone-promoting ingredients that go to lengths for the improvement in testosterone production. Essentially, the synergistic blend of its natural ingredients does not jeopardize your health. It is a very health-friendly mix that can be used at any age for the perks of high Ts.

Components that are part of TestRX are:

  • ZMA: ZMA is an amalgamation of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Popular in bodybuilders and athletes, ZMA supports high performance owing to its ability to boost testosterone. It is for this reason, you can expect it to work for muscle, stamina, endurance and healing
  • D-Aspartic acid: It is a natural amino acid that holds great significance for men dealing with poor testosterone. Research says that it boosts luteinizing hormone that activates Leydig cells in the testicles. This results in making higher amounts of testosterone
  • Fenugreek: It contains a form of saponin, called Protodioscin. Studies have found that Protodioscin can increase the potential to produce testosterone while enhancing mood, energy, and sexual desire.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D has a greater role in treating sexual dysfunction. It further strengthens muscles, enhances mood and promote weight loss
  • Zinc: The imperative mineral helps you overcome poor muscle-building testosterones by supercharging your bodily system. With an abundance of zinc, your body takes lesser time to recover from workouts


Research has a very strong say on the majority of ingredients part of TestRX. For example:

  • A sample of 50 men was supplemented with 500mg of fenugreek every day. After 12 weeks of the study, the investigators found that around 90% of the sample exhibited some 46% boost in the testosterone levels. By this, it was established that Protodioscin in fenugreek does aid with low testosterone
  • As per an Italy based study printed in the International Journal of Endocrinology, vitamin D has been found to treat sexual dysfunction in men
  • A study concluded that 30 milligrams of zinc has been found to boost the concentration of free testosterone in men. It was further revealed that the its testosterone boosting effects are specially relevant to men with zinc deficiency

Overall, TestRX is an impressive introduction in the group of testosterone boosters. It offers value with the promise to be safe for your health.

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