The Best Boxing Matches in the Last 5 Years

The Best Boxing Matches in the Last 5 Years

Boxing is one of the most respected sports in the world. Throughout the years we have witnessed many legendary fighters like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier, and many more. They were a great inspiration to the younger generation and gave us some of the best fights that we can ask for.

Boxing today has a more strategic approach and that is why it is sometimes criticized by the fans and experts. They claim that the strategies and plans made the fights somewhat boring. We wanted to go against those claims, so we decided to give you some of the best boxing matches in the last 5 years.

But, because some good fights are coming on the horizon and many more that are yet to be confirmed, let’s have a look at those potential fights and odds of winning.

Potential fights

As of right now, there’s just one confirmed fight that will take place in December. The long-awaited rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. Anthony Joshua’s odds of winning are 3/10, while Ruiz’s odds are 12/5. The odds for a draw are 25/1. Some potential future opponents for Joshua are Wilder and Fury. Wilder’s odds to beat Joshua are 4/6, while Joshua’s are 11/10. On the other side, Fury’s odds to come out victorious against Joshua are 8/11 and Anthony’s odds are 11/10.

There is a lot of speculation considering the rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. After the last match ended with a draw, a rematch will surely be a spectacle. Online bookies have already presented us with some odds. Wilder’s odds are 11/10, while Fury’s odds are 8/11. The odds for a second draw between the two are 18/1.

If you are looking for a new online bookie where you will place your bets, make sure you do good research. There are a lot of low-profile bookmakers that have nothing in store for new players. On the other hand, bonuses offered to new clients by Paddy Power are great and worth a check.

Dillian Whyte is also a speculated opponent to both Wilder and Fury. The odds of Whyte beating Wilder are 6/4. Wilder odds against Whyte are 1/2. On the other hand, Whyte’s odds against Fury 5/2 while Fury’s odds are 2/7. The odds for a draw in the matches are 33/1.

Now that we have seen some possible future line-ups in the ring, let’s revisit some of the classic fights that took place in the last 5 years.

Mayweather – Pacquiao

It was the battle of the century and one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history. Two of the greatest boxers of our generation finally made the fight happen. On May 2, 2015, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao shared the ring for an epic fight. Mayweather was declared as the winner by decision, but the fight was highly criticized and many experts and fans believed that Pacquiao won the fight.

Joshua – Ruiz

The fight itself wasn’t scheduled to take place. Joshua was supposed to fight Jarrell Miller, but Miller was replaced after failing drug tests. Ruiz Jr. was immediately declared as the loser in this fight by numerous experts and fans, but he proved them all wrong. Ruiz caught everybody off guard and won the fight. The rematch is scheduled on December 7.

Fury – Wilder

Everybody was keen on watching Fury return to the ring. After 2 years of fighting with depression, alcohol, and drug abuse, Tyson Fury stepped into the ring against Deontay Wilder. The fight was nothing less than a bloodbath. The two fighters smashed each other in what the people declared on the best fights in recent years. The fight ended up with a draw. After Fury’s victory over Otto Wallin, there is a lot of speculation for a rematch.

Joshua – Klitschko

Joshua was the man that put an end to the Klitschko era. In April 2017, Anthony came out to the fight as an underdog and shocked the boxing world. The bout was declared by many as Fight of the Year and many fans said that the fight exceeded their expectations. After the defeat, Wladimir Klitschko decided to retire.

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