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The feud continues: Bam Margera demands bare knuckle fight with Johnny Knoxville

Once former best friends and Jackass co-stars, there is now no love lost between bitter rivals Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville.

Bam called out Johnny and the show’s co-creator Jeff Tremaine, accusing them of hooking him on “18 different medications” that he claims have caused permanent damage. Now, Bam is seeking revenge with a bare-knuckle boxing match.

Margera took to social media recently to challenge Knoxville to a fight without gloves.

After explaining that Knoxville will do anything he is “double-dog dared” to do. Bam double-dog dares him to get in the ring with without any boxing gloves on.

He says, “Knoxville, I double-dog dare you to get in the ring with me without any boxing gloves. So I can ring, ring, ring, one, two, three let’s go. I f*ck you up.”

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