Mark Madsen

“The Olympian” Mark Madsen scores split decision victory over Clay Guida at UFC Vegas 34

UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs Gastelum takes place tonight, August 21st in Las Vegas at the UFC Apex.  Cannonier is the 5th ranked middleweight and a victory could really throw his name into the mix looking for a shot at the championship.  Gastellum also believes a win will catapult him back into the fray and the top 5.  In the co-main event, Clay “the Carpenter” Guida makes an insane 57th trip to the cage (36-20) and squares off with Mark “the Olympian” Madsen.  Madsen is making his third UFC appearance and his record is still unblemished at 10-0. This looks to be an interesting matchup of two men who have no problems making fights into grinds and working on the ground.  Guida will try to stop the upstart Madsen from a signature victory and also to prove to the UFC that he is still capable of big performances after losing 3 of his previous 4 fights.

This is how the co-main event  between Guida and Madsen went down, including round by round scoring from MyMMANews…

Round 1

Keith Peterson is the 3rd man in the octagon as the co-main event gets started.
 Guida comes out and lands a couple nice leg kicks.  As usual we are seeing lots of movement and level changes from the Carpenter. Guida once again lands a nice leg kick followed by a left hand and Madsen forces a clench and lands a nice combination himself.  Madsen lands a couple of nice knees to the body and a nice left jab connects. Madsen looks very composed as Guida continues moving all over the place.  Madsen is loading up and throwing several big righthands that miss and Guida comes back back with a left and a right. Such a close round

MyMMANews scores round 1  10-9 Madsen

Round 2

Madsen shoots for a double leg that Guida shrugs off and Guida lands a nice right.  Nice leg kick from Madsen that looks like it hurt.  Madsen continues to move forward and Guida lands it lands a nice combination that stuns him for a second.
Good knee to the body from Madsen.
 Both of these guys have great cardio and this is a very even fight so far. Madsen jab looks good but he’s not following it up. Guida’s striking has definitely improved as he scores on a 1-2. Another very close round

MyMMANews scores round 2   10-9 Guida

Round 3

Leg kick from Guida to start.  Madsen’s jab continues to be pretty effective but Guida lands a very hard like kick.  Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Leg kick followed by a right from Madsen. We’ve still only seen one take down attempt the entire fight. The jab from Madsen seems to be the most effective tactic so far this round.  Madsen pushes Guida up against the fence as we head to the final seconds of the fight. Another close round

MyMMANews scores round 3  10-9 Madsen

Official score  29-28  28-29  30-27   Mark Madsen wins via split decisionMark Madsen Mark Madsen, Clay Guida

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