Saidyokub Kakhramonov submits Trevin Jones late at UFC on ESPN 29

Saidyokub Kakhramonov submits Trevin Jones late at UFC on ESPN 29

Saidyokub Kakhramonov is as promising of a young prospect as we have in the sport today, and he showed that tonight at UFC on ESPN 29 with his victory over Trevin Jones.

Jones is quite a promising talent himself, having gone 1-0 (1 NC) thus far into his UFC career.

First he debuted in the promotion with a record of 12-6, going up against the 16-2 Timur Valiev. Jones knocked him out in the second round, but the result was overturned to a no contest, as he tested positive for marijuana after the fight.

Next came a bout against Mario Bautista, who’s shown a good amount of promise himself. Jones also knocked Bautista out, also in round two.

That brought us to his next bout, where he faced 8-2 debutante Saidyokub Kakhramonov.

This was such a great fight.

Very early on we saw Kakhramonov’s striking, as well as his superior grappling. His head kicks seemed so slick and effortless, while carrying a lot of weight, and his punches also had some power behind them.

He caught Jones in a guillotine choke early in the round, and it was incredibly close to being over right then and there. However, Jones survived and was eventually out of the choke, but he wasn’t out of danger.

Jones was still being out-classed, though he was putting up a fight, throwing his heavy hands in return.

Round two was more of the same, with Kakhramonov being incredibly effective with his striking. Then after winning the majority of round three, he locks up another guillotine choke, only Jones wasn’t able to get out of this one. He was choked unconscious with just 21 seconds left on the clock.

Jones has suffered his first defeat inside the octagon, and we have a new exciting face to add to the absolutely stacked bantamweight division.

Kakhramonov is just 25 years old, and has improved to 9-2 as a professional tonight with seven finishes, four submissions and three knockouts, all three of which came via KO.

Kakhramonov also became just the second man to ever finish Jones, and Jones’ last three defeats also came via split decision. Maybe his record should be a little prettier, then we would’ve given him a chance in his last two fights like we did this one.

Nonetheless, it was Kakhramonov’s night tonight.

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