Vinc Pichel

Vinc Pichel Demonstrated To Austin Hubbard What Experience Is All About!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will host UFC Vegas 34 on Saturday night, live from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In the main event, middleweight contenders Jared Cannonier and Kelvin Gastelum will look to come out on top and inch their ways back towards title contention.

On the main card, in a featured lightweight bout, Vinc Pichel and Austin Hubbard are set to battle in an unranked matchup. These two fighters are virtually identical when you glance at the tale of the tape. Hubbard (13-5), “Thud” has a few more bouts that have reached a decision. Compared to Pichel (13-2), “From Hell” has ended 62% of his fights via (T)KO. Both fighters are coming off a victory, standing at 5’10”. Pichel’s wingspan spreads out to 72″ while Hubbard’s reach is 71″. The sole difference though is Pichel is the elder in this matchup.

This fight is expected to be a barnburner for the fans.

Follow below for the action round-by-round.

Round 1: 

Hubbard being the aggressor. Pichel knocks Hubbard off balance with a front kick. Hubbard then goes for a takedown from his butt and Pichel fights it off and they are back on their feet. Hubbard pressuring again, Pichel throws a nice outside kick. Hubbard controlling the center of the octagon and Hubbard lands a front kick that backs Pichel back and Pichel lands a body kick. Hubbard comes in with a little flurry, and Pichel counters to back him off. Hubbard lands an outside kick. Pichel lands a nice inside kick on Hubbard. Lots of kicks are being exchanged between these two fighters. Hubbard appears to have poked Pichel in the eye. The doctor comes into check Pichel and gives the OK. Action resumes. Hubbard continues to put the pressure on. Pichel telegraphs a takedown and Hubbard shrugs him off. both fighters exchange strikes. The round ends after Pichel kicks the legs out of Hubbard and a brief scramble takes place. An action-packed round.

MyMMANews Scored it Hubbard 10-9.

Round 2: 

Pichel comes out swinging and lands a couple of solid shots. It forces Hubbard to shoot a takedown. Pichel avoids the takedown against the cage. Pichel continues with the outside leg kicks. Landed 14 of 15 leg kicks through the fight at this point. Hubbard once again trying to control the center and pressuring Pichel. Both fighters using fakes. Hubbard gets a duck-under takedown and gets the back and then Pichel escapes. Once on his feet, Pichel catches Hubbard. Hubbard is stunned and stumbles. Hubbard trying to swing his way out of it as Pichel pressured him. Hubbard now appears to have recovered for the most part. Hubbard using faint jabs to keep Pichel back. Pichel lands a massive knee to the head to Hubbard. Hubbard follows through and scores the takedown. They get back to their feet, Pichel landing outside kick. Pichel lands a nice right hook. The round ends with Pichel looking for a takedown.

MyMMANews Scores it Pichel 10-9.

Round 3: 

Hubbard working behind the faint jab and Pichel moving his feet and avoiding shots. Pichel lands massive left on Hubabrd. Pichel pressuring Hubbard against the cage. Hubbard looking fatigued in the third compared to Pichel. Hubbard shoots a double and finally takes Pichel down. Pichel Belly down and tries standing up with Hubbard on his back. Pichel gets a reverse when Hubbard rushes putting his hooks in and leaving his hips too high. Pichel is now on top and trying to land some strikes. Hubbard fighting from the bottom as Pichel controlling Hubbard from the top against the cage. Pichel has his back as they are standing against the cage. They break apart. Hubbard lands a nice uppercut. Pichel lands a nasty outside leg kick that dropped Hubbard and Hubbard uses it to grab an ankle and score a takedown. Now Hubbard is on top and trying to throw hammer fists. In half guard, Hubbard needs a finish it appears to win this fight. Hubbard and Pichel throwing everything at each other. Pichel lands numerous strikes as the horn sounds to end the fight.

MyMMANews Scores the fight Pichel 10-9.

The Official Decision is Vinc Pichel defeats Austin Hubbard via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). 

It was a great fight between Vinc Pichel and Austin Hubbard. They both left everything they had inside the cage. Pichel wants to rewrite the loss to Gregor Gilespe, he mentions after his fight while speaking to Dan Cormier.

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