The Real Truth About Betting Systems

The Real Truth About Betting Systems

As long as there were casinos there were betting systems set up by the players in order to find a way to best the house. However, the truth is that these systems rarely if ever worked and that casinos always have an advantage over the players.

There’s nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with different betting systems and knowing how they work from the inside but don’t expect them to be a sure thing, since there isn’t one. Instead, the best clues as to what your chances are, come from knowing the return to player rates.

The Gambler’s Fallacy


The biggest and most long-lasting betting system myth is the so-called gambler’s fallacy. Simply put it means that your winnings are due to come if you have been losing for a while. Chasing this change then leads to betting more while losing and therefore losing more.

Most modern gambling machines used what’s known as a random number generator and therefore there’s no system whatsoever in how the results will turn out. Chasing the win is a superstition, but one that’s been around for a long time and that gamblers need to let go of.

The Martingale System


This is probably the most well-known system out there. It’s simple enough and seems to be somewhat effective. The only thing you need to do is to double your bet every time you lose. Therefore, the first time you win, you’ll regain what you’ve lost so far. At the same time, every time you win you should restart your bets at the lowest possible amount.

There are two reasons the Martingale system won’t work in the long run. Firstly, the amounts you win are rather small since you’re betting the lowest amount and secondly, you can lose everything after a long bad streak.

The Fault with Betting Systems


The main fault with the betting system is in the belief that you can win over the built-in odds set for the casino. That’s not something that can be done and trying it is usually going to lose all of your deposits and make your gambling experience less fun. That’s what happens when the way you bet is set to be so rigid.

Ask yourself one simple question: what would happen if everyone would play using a system and if the answer is that wouldn’t work, that’s because it doesn’t work.

Randomized Games


It’s often difficult for a player to accept that the game is randomized. We’re used to thinking about gambling in terms of narratives and winners and losses as well as big comebacks. None of that factors in, in how the games are set up.

It’s important to learn about the game before you plan to use it and to make sure that you know if the game is randomized. When this is the case, there’s no system that you could use to beat it, since there’s no system to it.

Negative Progression Betting Systems


Negative progression betting is the term used for increasing the bets when you’re losing. The Martingale is an example of that, but it’s not the only since there are countless ways to increase your bet when you lose. These systems are rather common but they don’t work and should be avoided.

In some cases, they will allow you to recoup your losses but after the string of losses is long enough you end up losing everything. Since the amount you have to bet increases in some games, that can happen increasingly fast. It’s best to stay clear of these.

Progressive Betting Systems


Paroli system is one of the most common betting systems out there. It’s based on positive progression staking. It’s often called the opposite of the Martingale system, even though the basic principles are rather similar. The system has been around since the 16th century, meaning that someone believes that it’s useful for quite a long time.

The system works by decreasing or increasing the bet depending on how the last one went. You should decrease the bet every time you lose which is the opposite of what you do with the Martingale system. What’s similar to it however is that it won’t yield results.

Setting a Win Goal


Setting a win goal isn’t really a betting system, but a strategy that you could use while betting and therefore it’s actually applicable and useful to most players. It’s simply put a break that you give yourself once you’ve won a certain amount. That way you can leave with what you’ve made so far.

There’s nothing in terms of how the game is organized, that stops you from doing so. The only thing that does is in your head and that’s why it’s often so difficult to do so, and many fail.

A Loss Limit


Another rule to implement that’s actually not a betting system but helps quite a lot. That’s a loss limit which is the same thing as a win goal but the other way around. It means you should give up on your bets when you lose a certain amount.

That’s often the best way to limit how much you’ll lose since you can’t lose any more if you stop playing altogether. The main issue with doing so is again with the force of will that the players have to exert when it comes to sticking to your plans.

To Sum Up


Betting systems have always been around. They are a way for players to try to beat the system and get an edge on the casino. Most of these systems are about how to bet to regain what you’ve lost. However, simply put, these systems usually don’t work and it’s best not to waste your time on them.

There are other things that you can do instead. For instance, it’s possible to have a point at which you stop betting because you’ve lost or won the amount you’ve wanted. It’s also rather useful to learn about the games you plan to play before you actually start.

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