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The Return of Deontay Wilder: Time To Make Or Break It

Once the most feared man on the planet with the heaviest hands in all of boxing, now Deontay Wilder seems a mere mortal. Wilder conquered every man to ever step in the ring with him until he ran up against Tyson Fury (3 times).

Now, nearly a year later, The Bronze Bomber makes his return to boxing against Robert Helenius.

That October 15 pay-per-view is on which you can get below for $74.99.  The broadcast begins at 9pm ET.

Deontay Wilder needs a statement, Helenius can be that

With Tyson Fury knocking out Deontay Wilder in his last two fights, it seemed like the former champion was a broken man. Excuses flowed from his mouth like water from the mouth of the Mississippi. He even still is going on about how Fury cheated. But that fight is behind him and in front of him is a Finnish journeyman with a bunch of experience.

Wilder is one of the heaviest punches of all time. After his draw in the original fight with Fury, Wilder put away both Dominick Breazeale and Luis Ortiz. His hands are heavy. Even Tyson Fury knows this, being knocked down twice in the first fight and twice in the third fight.

This return to boxing will feature a Deontay Wilder with something to prove. But he’s not here to prove something to fans, critics, or anyone else in the world. Who Wilder is proving something to is himself.

Often times once a fighter is beat, and beat in a manner like Wilder was (losing his own weapon and thus invincibility), they lose the mojo and it-factor that led them to be so great. Or they bounce back and have a second great moment of their career. Think Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. losing his will to fight or Manny Pacquiao losing 2 back to back in 2012 only to become champion many times over.

Should Wilder fall by the wayside and lose this weekend, it could be the last we see of him or we could be in for a long end-of-career run with more than one loss. Or if he bounces back, Wilder can have a late career resurgence that could see him become champion again. One thing is for certain, he cannot let the Tyson Fury loss define him.


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