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Things What a Gambler Should Know About RTP

Online slot games are highly in demand due to their high-definition graphics and features. A gambler not only plays these games to earn money but also to relax from work. Additionally, these games have higher payout rates and are easy to play. Furthermore, a player does not have to leave the comfort of his home or travel to the casino in order to play rtp slot games.

He only needs to log in to the website of slot games and make an account on it. Moreover, when a player registers on it, the website gives him instant access to more than 200 games available on it. Lastly, the role of return to player percentage (RTP) is critical because it shows the amount of money a person can withdraw to his bank account from his winnings.

Why Is RTP Important?

If a person is looking for a game with great rewards and the highest numberount of winn,ings then he should play the slwithving RTP of more than 95%. It is because; the game with a higher return to player percentage also has jackpots or bonuses. With the help of these jackpots, a person can multiply his betting amount up to 60 times. It will make him rich in just a few seconds or minutes.

For instance, if a gambler is playing a game by spending the stakes of 4000 coins and it gives him a profit of 3500 coins then the RTP of that game is 95%. In other words, RTP only shows the average of a player’s winnings. In addition to this, getting a bonus in the game depends on a person’s luck, and it can either come on higher or lower bets.

Calculation of RTP via Free Slots

It is a crucial factor in playing slot games. A gambler should check the return to a player percentage before investing in rtp slot games. The easiest method of calculating RTP is by playing free slot games, as a person can understand by the name of free slots, that it does not require any investment for playing. However, it does not offer any reward to the gamblers; it is only meant for entertainment.

When a player plays or wins in the free slots then, he can figure out the number of tokens invested in the game and the tokens that he wins. Moreover, with the help of this strategy and applying simple mathematics, he can easily calculate the return to player percentage of the game.

Difference between RTP and Variance of the Game

Undoubtedly, getting an outcome in the game depends on the algorithm of random number generation (RNG). The RNG of the game is not fixed, and it is inserted into the game in order to make the game fair. Talking the RTP, then, shows the average payout percentage to the players, whereas the volatility of the game shows how frequent is the payout of the game.

Additionally, a game having low variance pays out more fastly as compared to games with higher volatility. But the payback of low volatile games is less while others have more. For instance, if a gambler is playing a game with 1 dollar having 96% RTP, then the winnings according to variance are:

  • Low volatility: a person is more likely to win between 0.1 dollars to 5 dollars in a game having low variance.
  • High volatility: while playing a game having high variance then, the chance of winnings increases and a person can easily win between 15 dollars to 30 dollars.

Lastly, volatility is a general feature of the rtp slot games, just like RTP or RNG. But a person must have to check all these concepts of the game in order to reduce the risk of fewer winnings or withdrawals.

RTP in Online Slots Vs Offline Slots

This comparison among the RTPs of online and offline casinos makes online slot games more demanding. It is because; the return to player percentage of online slot games can be up to 99%; however, land-based casino games only have RTP of up to 90%.

Additionally, a massive variety of games is available in online casinos as compared to offline casinos. The website of slot games is relatively easy to create, and the owner does not require spending more funds on the maintenance of the site. In contrast, the manufacturing of land-based casino games requires more spending along with proper maintenance. Lastly, a player does not have to stand in line or wait for other players to play slot games.

Advantage of Calculating RTP Percentage

Gambling in a game having higher payback rates is the most critical factor in playing both online and offline slot games. If a person is searching for a game which makes him rich, then he is suggested to play a game with more than 95% of return to player percentage.

In addition to this, there are two types of gamblers who gamble for their own purposes. These players are short-term and long-term gamblers. A short-term player constantly searches for small prizes or rewards and only plays on lower bets in order to entertain himself.

Apart from this, the primary purpose of a long-term gambler is to win huge jackpots or bonuses. He plays firstly on lower bets in order to get familiar with the game and suddenly changes his bets to play on higher investments. Some examples of games having higher RTP rates are Emerald king, Mahjong Panda, etc.


RTP is considered the most crucial factor of online slot games, and a player is highly suggested to gamble in the game with higher payouts. Moreover, a player can quickly figure out the share of money which he can easily withdraw from the game. It is also beneficial for gamblers to play rtp slot games online because the website of these games provides various bonuses to the players. Some of the bonuses are a welcome bonus, wheel of fortune, referral bonus and first deposit bonus, etc.

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