Tom O'Connor

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Tom O’Connor on Unified MMA 52 “All the Questions Are Gonna Be Answered”

Tom O’Connor clashes with Tim Smith at Unified MMA 52 on September 8th.

This catchweight contest transpires at the BMO Centre in Calgary, Alberta, and the Canadian combat broadcasts on UFC Fight Pass.

O’Connor once again was a guest on Bowks Talking Bouts to get into the previous cancellation of this fight in the context of being excited it could now be salvaged plus a whole lot more. Excerpts from the chat are below.

Tom O’Connor

This was a fight that a lot of people were very much excited for initially and I felt like that same level of enthusiasm if not to an even greater magnitude was there when it got re-announced.

How happy were you to hear that it got salvaged ultimately?

“Yeah well, it was in the talks off and on since I failed that weight cut. You know it was never off the table. I think it just had to line up with the right event for Unified and where it fit for where Tim was at. Because I mean I made the mistake. It’s part of the game and learning curve of the sport but I made the mistake.”

“So really in that regard the kind of cards were on his side of the table. He could kind of make what worked best for him. But it ended up ultimately working really good for everyone I think. Like the card is stacked. It’s gonna be a great night of fights. Our fight finally comes to fruition. It’s 160 which is going to be fun.”

Unified MMA 52

Tom O’Connor continued, “Yeah I mean, I was; as soon as it was announced that it was salvaged I was obviously very happy. Because it’s kind of one of those things in MMA where something small like that. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the greater scheme of things can still add weight to it. Can kind of paint an image of just what it looks like. Because you know that sits on your record and you think people talk about that. They wonder about it and there’s questions. So September 8th all the questions are gonna be answered and I’m looking forward to that.”

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